Monday, March 23, 2009

Make Your Monday Bearable

Dear bloggity friends,

If you have not yet checked out the incredible blog of joshua caine, you are missing out. Given the fact that The Bride's Cafe just did a two part feature on his work, you should have already ran over to his site. Just in case you didn't, here is just a little slice of his work that I love:

Brad & Hannah's wedding pictures are truly stunning. A gorgeous couple + pictures in a field + reception in a barn = love at first sight.

The pictures from Michael & Jennifer's big day are a must-see. It was hard to pick just two photos from this wedding to feature. You will love them all.

Listen, it's Monday. Head on over to the blog of joshua caine to make yours just a little more bearable.


Jessie said...

Beautiful pictures!

LauraAnn said...

Definitely needed a morning distraction! And what a beautiful distraction it was!

Julia said...

good gracious me, what gorgeous work!

Jenna Morgan said...

Classy & Elegant!

These photos are truly representational of an uncanny ability to capture such a special moment!