Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Business Proposition

I have a little business proposition for all of you out there. Someone find a space as open as this and I'll bring the robins egg blue paint and chandeliers draped with non-foo foo garland and we'll have ourselves a lovely little reception hall. After a couple finishing touches we can throw open the doors to brides to be and their rehearsal dinners, bridal shower lunches and even the occasional intimate wedding!
Who's with me? Extra points if you're a wedding planner since we could combine your mad planning skillz with my penned & pretty calligraphy skillz. Can you say full service?!
photo by: laura novak


Amy Jo said...

Those chandeliers....I want those chandeliers!! Actually, it's funny I say that, because I actually picked our wedding venue based on the fact that I fell in love with their chandeliers! Silly, I know!

Jamie said...

I'm in and I can bring sweet invitation making skills with me too. I'm sure we can convince Stephanie to join us.

Holly & Helen's Hassack said...

congress hall. cape may, nj.
i loooved that venue. it was too small for our wedding, but paula cell & kamila harris both have great shots from there! goorgeouss.. love the colors too i want to do a room in my house this blue walls &black furniture!

Kristen said...

If Terry took a job in Cincinnati (Xavier per se) then I would be all for taking you up on your proposition!