Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poll: Necessity of a Potential Photographer's Blog

Recently I was talking with a friend from the lake who happens to be a photographer. She is attempting to break into the wedding photography business and was asking me all sorts of questions relating to weddings, the wedding industry, and what I looked for in a wedding photographer.

Long story short, this is what I told her: I wouldn't dream of hiring a wedding photographer that didn't have a blog. In fact, I barely looked twice at most photographers websites when I was searching for one...I headed right for the blog. The simple reason behind my logic is that a blog allows a photographer to share his or her most recent work. A website (usually) contains older images and isn't updated as frequently. A blog allows a person to express feelings and his or her personality while a website merely displays contact information.

So what do you think? Would you/did you hire a photographer that didn't have a blog? How beneficial do you think a photographer's blog can be? Discuss. And vote

A pretty picture, found on the pretty blog of bobbi + mike
{Update: 50 total votes. Yes: 33. Not necessarily: 14. Unsure: 3}

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rings to Love....and Frame

My favorite?! The one on the hamburgers....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Mat and the Blurb

A comment was left on my post yesterday by irishprncss84 asking what a "blurb" book is.
My friends, let me introduce you to the greatest thing ever. The Blurb book.

Here's the short and sweet of it: Blurb allows you to create a sweet looking "coffee table book", hardcover or soft cover, from your personal photo collection with all of your little personal touches for pennies. Read all about it here. Now.
So, Mommy and I were discussing the following possibilities for my little Blurb book, that has not yet been created.
After Nicole and Dan capture thousands of beautiful images of us during our engagement photo shoot in TWO weeks, we'll take the pictures we love (after we purchase them) and create our own Blurb book. By leaving a large margin around each picture(s) on each page we will allow for our guests to use our hardcover Blurb book as a guest book at our reception, like the one below:However, we wouldn't want to leave the tried and true signature mat out of the picture, would we? So Mommy and I were thinking that we would have everyone at the rehearsal dinner (family and bridal party) sign the signature mat with a personal message.
What do we think?!

PS I will absolutely be making a blurb book out of our wedding photos. It's like scrapbooking for blogs.

The Sweatshop is Open


As of 6pm this evening, my wedding sweatshop will be open. My little wedding elves, i mean bridesmaids, will be hard at work from 6:01pm until the invitations go in the mail on Friday morning.

Yes, friends, the invitations will be in my grubby hands at some point (early) tomorrow night. Shipment #1 of the ribbon has arrived (150 out of 241 yards of ribbon) and my glue gun is ready to assist in assembling the invitations.

This little blog might not be getting too much attention over the next few days, but I will be a much happier person when these little gems are in the mail. Never fear, I always leave you with a pretty picture:

photo via megan w

Precious, is it not?! A "frame-r" for sure.

Monday, July 28, 2008


This weekend:

  • Purchased veil!!!
  • Purchased {most of the} bridesmaid's gifts.
  • Attended an amazing wedding shower hosted by three of my mother's friends. It was fabulous.
  • Assembled registry inserts to include (separate from the main invitation and insert cards) in the invitation packets for guests that might not have access to the internet.
  • Determined how to incorporate a signature mat AND a blurb book into our big day.
  • Determined that making a card box out of circular hat boxes covered in plum fabric would be a cruel task to make Kristen complete. Going back to the drawing board.
  • Beefed up our Macy's registry.

Mommy and I were more than proud of all of our accomplishments. Did any of you attend your shower this weekend or accomplish something "major?"
And since every blog post should have a pretty picture...

I'm not normally a fan of the whole "damsel-in-distress-clutching-onto-the-leg-of-a-man" look...but this one is just too good to pass-by. Love the train, love the gravel and love her dress!

jennifer skog

Copy {Click} and Paste {Volume 5}

I like to hug Chris. Like all the time. Hence, hugging pictures on the big day are a must.

I am absolutely positive that Chris will have a look of adoration on his face for me...all day. (I'm sure I'll get in trouble for typing that one.) And I feel as though that look could be captured perfectly with a photo like this:
I'm including these last two pictures in this post simply because they are stunning.
To the lucky couple in these pictures: This one in the field (below)....blow it up, frame it and put it in your dining room or something. In fact, it deserves a seat of honor at the table. Love it.
Dear my make-up artist: If you make my eye make-up look half as good as hers I will pay you double.
All pictures in this post are from the talented photo team bobbi + mike .

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ivory Keys

I doubt we will be able to find an abandoned piano in the middle of downtown Indianapolis on our wedding day...

...but one can wish, right??!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Exactly two months from Saturday, Chris and I will be walking down the aisle.
two. months.

Sidenote: If you remember from this post, I had quite a long to do list to complete a month ago.
Since then, we have completed one of those tasks. And it was a big one. "Notify florist of when we want to see a mock-up of the bouquets." It's penciled in for August 8.

Annnd the pretty picture that should go with every post:

(jasmine star)

Google Alerts

Have you ever wondered if people are linking to your blog in one of their posts? If you didn't already know, Google Alerts will send you an e-mail when someone mentions your blog in a post!

  • go to Google Alerts
  • enter the terms that you want to monitor (i recommend you type in the first part of your blog address)
  • choose to monitor "blogs"
  • select how often you want to receive the e-mail alerts
  • type in your e-mail

There you go! Now you can see what great things other people are saying about your blog!! Your welcome!

Talk Nautical to Me

As some of you know, or may have read, the first color scheme/theme that I had my heart set on for our wedding was a nautical theme. My love for all things navy and anchor related started a long time ago during summers spent at the lake and continued when I joined a sorority where the anchor stood for our ideals and beliefs. As you can imagine the name of this blog comes out of my admiration for anchors and all things nautical.
Although there will be no nautical theme for our wedding (kinda hard to pull off in a hotel ballroom in the middle of downtown Indianapolis), I had to pay tribute to my first love.

(samm blake, brides, paul johnson, wedding style guide, the knot, unknown, the knot, the knot, laura novak)

My vision: Tables with navy table cloths complete with little sail boats and lots of white puffy flowers. Knots from sailor rope or types of flags adorning printed materials. Quaint, charming, and anchored in love.

You can always check out some of my earlier posts for nautical wedding ideas (I especially love the idea of tying sailor rope around vases and using it to bind programs!). And make sure to check out these links for more nautical wedding inspiration:

this link will take you to any and all posts on snippet and ink that are nautical related. enjoy.
click here for a snippet and ink real nautical wedding
a navy and blush pink board from blu sky designs
or you can pair navy with hot pink like in this board from inspired events by nycia
i'll call this one beach nautical from snippet and ink
the ladies at bliss events created a board with a nautical twist

I'll leave you with this little gem from the little white book:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

At the EAD Library

This new wedding resource needs no introduction because anyone that has a wedding-related blog has been raving about since we heard it would launch Tuesday morning.
elizabeth anne designs has been a daily read of mine and I know the EAD Library will not disappoint.
Collections on beauty, photography, planning & design, shops, floral design, venues, stationary and so much more await you at the EAD start reading!

It Will Be Okay

Dear Bloggity Friends,

We all know one. The ultra-traditionalist.
The woman, normally over the age of 35, known for her jaw dropping to the floor in an instant when you attempt to explain the teeny tiny way you might possibly be venturing off the beaten path regarding something wedding related.

"You're not going to wear white bridal shoes? Really?....Interesting."
"You're really going to see eachother before the ceremony?"
"No receiving line!? Well that's...difffferent."

This, my friends, is where blogs come in handy...assuming that you have internet access. You can show her pictures like these to assure her it will be ok....

It will be ok if all of the bridesmaids don't carry the EXACT same bouquet. (photo via amy carroll )

It will be ok if all of the bridesmaids don't wear the exact same dresses. (photo via ann hamilton) Check out this post on non matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses.

And, finally, it will be ok if the bridesmaids do not wear the traditional bridesmaid dress and matching shoes. Polka dot dresses are allowed to be worn by bridesmaids. Colored shoes that are not necessarily the same color as the dress will not cause the organ to burst into flames while the bridesmaids are making their way down the aisle. This one will clearly be the hardest for her to grasp. (photo by jasmine star)

What is one to do upon an encounter with said ultra-traditionalist if a blog is not readily available? Take a deep breath and a sip of the wine that you hopefully already poured for yourself, and start by attempting to tell her... "it will be okay...."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bouquets for the Maids

My stunning bridesmaids will be wearing these beautiful black dresses. Naturally, I want their bouquets to contain flowers that will "pop" against their dresses...but also be one with our color scheme.

I love this bouquet featured on Alison Events via the brides cafe. The raspberry color is just divine, isn't it?!

But these bouquets have always been the front runners. photo by (jessamyn harris). I love the plums and would add a little deeper raspberry (like the bouquet above) in there in place of the pink. The splotches of marigold just make these bouquets irresistible.

So what do you think?! A bouquet of raspberry dahlias or a mix of plum, raspberry, and perhaps marigold dahlias? Input is very much appreciated!

Bouquets for the Bride

I wanted to share with all of you some of the inspiration behind my bouquet. Mommy and I are meeting with the florist in a couple of weeks, so I'm attempting to scrounge together some sort of vision for what I want to carry down the aisle in September.
If you remember from this post, I was attempting to determine whether I wanted the traditional white bouquet or if I wanted something with color that would pop against my dress.
As you'll see from the pictures below, I think we're going to go with the pop.

I love this stunning bouquet in every way's the perfect shade of pink with a little bit of texture. via (evoke photography)Fluffy is the word that comes to mind when I see this bouquet featured on e lucky designs. What in the world kind of flowers are those because they are hotttttt?!
This picture grabbed my attention because of the raspberry anemones and the (too light of purple) purple flowers. Photo by (brooke schwab photography) via elizabeth anne designs) .
This one is the front runner. Partly because it has raspberry dahlias with a tinge of plum. Here's the catch though...this bouquet might look a little too similar to the ones my bridesmaids will be carrying (post coming on those later today). So I am thinking about adding in some spider mums to the mix for my bouquet. Pretty sure they come in dark magenta colors (aka raspberry) and that, my friends, makes me happy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

For The Love of Kids

Casey Templeton via The Little White Book
On our wedding day, not only will Chris gain a beautiful wife...but I will gain three nieces and three nephews!
We thought that having all six children in the wedding would be a beautiful way to honor and involve Chris' family.

The three girls will be adorable flower girls, each carrying a pomander.
The three boys will be ushering the flower girls down the aisle.
Chris and I will be praying that they all make it down the aisle.

Are any of you incorporating kids into the wedding?! Are any of your incorporating SIX kids into the wedding?!

image via Blue Orchid Designs

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Poll: Pick the Up-Do

I started growing my hair out a couple months ago so that I would be able to have more than enough to curl/pull back for the wedding day. I found a picture (via Jasmine Star ) that I was in love with, and still am:

But, I must confess. I miss my bangs. My hairstylist said that I should grow them out for the wedding. But I want them back....especially for our engagement photo shoot. So, imagine my sheer joy when I found these pictures of Carrie Underwood on the yellow brick blog:

I love how loose the top look is...but I love the bangs and the flow of Carrie's hair. What is a girl to do (besides bring BOTH of these pictures to my next hair appt/hair trial)?! Help me decide! Vote/comment plllease.
{Update: 61 votes. Loose brown up-do: 38 votes. Swept back with bangs: 23 votes}

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bring Your Bikes!

Forgive me for taking a theme too far, but this was too hard to resist.
Take your bikes to your engagement photo shoot. Photos like this one by jasmine star are "framers."

Let your guests have a peak at your theme through your save the date cards. I found theses on the blush events blog.
Then, take a moment to think out your theme and create a beautiful inspiration this one found on ritzy bee! Then top it all off with pictures with a bicycle on your wedding day like the ones above from the brides cafe !

Add your own little personal bicycle details for your big day with help from snippet & ink: bicycle built for two

{Kinda} Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday! 24 years ago today I became (and still am) the apple of my Mommy & Daddy's eyes.
Tonight the girls and I are going out for dinner and drinks...but I thought I should share some cake with all of you! Here are a few of my favorites that might show up on our cake table this September:I found this cake on Style Me Pretty and I love the modern feel of the cake along wit the detail of the ribbon.
This cake was on OCs Finest Weddings and features a cake stand similar to what we will have. I'm a big fan of the non-traditional size of the layers too. The ribbon and broach-ey looking thing are a plus too.
Traditional elegance found at BV Weddings . Not the fiance's style, I'm afraid.
Ok so this cake is a little too massive for us and the ribbon topper on top of the cake scares me just a little bit. But I do love the initials behind the couple. Found on the blog of Rae Leytham

Happy birthday to me!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to Rock a Birdcage...Veil

In today's earlier post, I featured a couple that got some to-die-for shots in front of a mansion on the day of their wedding. If you haven't checked out the rest of the pictures from their wedding day and "day after shoot", you should....for this one reason: her birdcage veil. And, just for fun, shoes adorned with feathers. Perfection.

all photos via jessica strickland