Friday, June 27, 2008


Three months from TODAY we will be MARRIED!!!

Friday Ramblings

Not much to blog about here today friends. I took a little step away from wedding planning last night to breathe (and help a friend remove wallpaper). To my utter enjoyment when I got home I had an e-mail waiting for me with our FINAL invitation draft. That's right, friends, the main invite is done. It had to be done. I was driving everyone crazy dragging out the process this long. Seriously. Sadly, I'm not letting you have a peak at them until they are in the mail (i.e. about 3 weeks from now).'ll just have to wait. It will be worth it.

This weekend will be one for relaxing...if I can allow myself to do such a thing. I almost forget what it feels like! But you know what is relaxing and refreshing?! It's coming across an adorable wedding:

Love the cute 2 tier cake with ribbon around it. Want the b&g chair signs. Admiring the perfect pink ranunculus centerpieces. Adore the ever popular candy bar. Can't stop staring at the beautiful complex bouquet of various shades of fluffy pink flowers. Found via e lucky designs & pictures via jennifer nichols. Check out both blogs if you have a little extra time this weekend!!

Back on Sunday. Next week's posts include: a little about MY ring bling, a board for yellow lovers, a board for a navy/nautical theme, professional pictures from my friend Kristen's wedding, and why I will need ~241.5 yards of ribbon. Yep. As prep-e girl observed, that's 2.5 football fields. And I will use every inch of it. Also, want to know how you can be alerted when someone mentions you in their blog post/links to you!? Let me know and I'll create a post to let you in the know!

xo, jessica lynn

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eliminating the Laundry List via a Best Friend

The past few days have lead me down a slippery slope of wedding planning burn-out. As a matter-of-fact, I think I’m already at the bottom of the slope. With three months and one day to go it just seems that everything needs to be done and it needs to be done NOW.
So, tonight I told my friend (and bridesmaid) Kristen that I would come over and help her remove the (apparently hideous) wallpaper from the walls of her new house. She insisted that I didn’t HAVE to help and she knew how busy I was with wedding planning. Without hesitation I told her, "You know I think that a night away from wedding planning will be good for me." And then I got to thinking, I was going to order 241.5 yards of ribbon tonight, attempt to settle on an invitation design, work up a design for the map insert card, and start perusing the web for gifts for my bridesmaids….
But that doesn’t matter. Tonight I’ll be removing wallpaper, because that is what friends do. Apparently Kristen knows a thing or two about being a good friend too. I opened up my e-mail this morning to find this:
So after reading your blog for today, I decided that I would love to
offer my services. For the total price of "zero dollars" I will help
with what ever tasks, research, set up, etc. that you may need.
Here are some of the items on your alphabetized list that I thought I
could help with:
1. Card box - I will make you a beautiful plum colored card box from a
fabulous fabric at no cost to you.
2. Table runners - Research of local party rental places and price quotes.
3. Sign - Comprehensive design and construction of a sign that will
lead guests from the parking lot to the reception hall complete with
your beautiful monogram.
4. Timeline - Create day of timeline. All I need from you is times you
want to start and finish the entire day and names of vendors. Pictures
before or after? This will be a work in progress and will be reviewed
by you several times before I finalize it.
5. Invitation/programs - Assist with putting invitations and programs
together. I can also research designs for programs.
6. Any other tasks that you need completed.
So, what do you think? As the bride you need as little stress as
possible, and lucky for you you have friends that are there to lift
some of the burden that comes with wedding planning. Jessica Lynn
will you do me the honor of lifting some of that burden?

A HUGE smile came across my face and I thought about how blessed I am to have such amazing friends. I love you Kristen, but I don’t think you know what you have gotten yourself into. Besides the aforementioned tasks I think that you could:
7. Pick out the bridesmaids totes and earrings (since you're a bridesmaid you might as well have a say in what you're going to get!!)
8. Assist in cutting said 241.5 yards of ribbon once delivered to my house
9. Make friends with Kinko's people when it comes time to print the seating chart signs, napkin inserts, monogram squares, programs, etc. Achieve discount, if possible.
10. Continue to be one of the best friends I have ever had.

The Laundry List and Addressing the Envelopes

I think I have gone off the deep end. The past two days while at work my thoughts have been consumed with thoughts of how much ribbon I am going to need to order and what invitation design we should go with. At night I come home and sit in front of the computer for HOURS further agonizing over said thoughts that have been bottled up and filed away thorough out the day. While said ideas are bottled up and filed away, they multiply. All of a sudden, before I know it, I have created/dreamed up more projects for myself to do. For example: Clearly I couldn't just address my invitations by hand....that would take hours since I would re-do them all once they begin to look even a smidge crooked. So, I dreamed up the idea of creating a design to use in addressing our envelopes and then printing them out on my printer. Behold:

The back of the envelopes (for the return address) will be stamped with my parent's address via an ink stamp I purchased from expressionery .

Back to business. Please humor me while I share with you our remaining laundry/ to-do list as we have EXACTLY (gulp) 3 months and 1 day until our wedding. Please appreciate the fact that I alphabetized the list for your reading enjoyment.

  • agonize over whether to use the reception hall's standard white card box, or make a fabulous plum one.
  • buy (white) shoes and earrings for the big day in time for next fitting
  • create day of timeline/schedule for the parents, 'maids, and vendors
  • design seating chart for the reception once the RSVPs start coming in
  • enjoy the taste testing at the reception hall. attempt to pick out chicken that doesn't taste like rubber
  • finish invitations...before throwing them out the window
  • get thru the rest of the fittings without letting the alterations lady take me to the cleaners
  • hope the hair and make-up trials go alright
  • investigate that stuff that plugs tear ducts so i don't cry like a baby and ruin my make-up
  • just breathe
  • keep searching for gifts for the bridal party and parents as well as ties and socks for the groomsmen.
  • line up day of transportation
  • make or rent table runners for reception that are the perfect shade of plum
  • notify florist of when we want to see a mock-up of the bouquets
  • order tuxes for the men
  • peruse the mall for beachware for the honeymoon
  • question if i will be able to design the programs myself while staying sane
  • rehearsal and rehearsal dinner time and details still need to be established
  • scrutinize the pros and cons of having either a candy bar, favor boxes filled with chocolate, or no favors at all
  • try to find more things we can slap our monogram onto
  • undertake making a sign to lead our guests from the parking garage to the ballroom where our reception will be held
  • veil needs to be purchased at some point in time
  • welcome bags for out of town guests need to start taking shape
  • x, y, and z are impossible.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Poll: Pick and Choose...Our Invitations

Dear bloggity friends,
The road to our invitations has been a long one. Long story short, I need your help. Our invitations are in your hands....
Pick your favorite:
#1: the original
#2: watermark. reservation: the watermark appears lavender and i wanted to stay away from that...

#3: monogram at top #4: monogram with bars
#5: monogram on both sides
#6: large monogram on one side

#7: monogram on top and bottom
Plllllease vote on the right hand side of my blog or leave a comment. We need to pick one of these pretty little things in the next 3 days!!
Excuse the blurring of information for privacy purposes as well as the random gray lines at the top of some of the designs.

{Update: 41 votes. #1: 5 votes, #2: 24 votes, #3: 3 votes, #4: 0 votes, #5: 4 votes, #6: 4 votes, #7: 1 vote.}

Where Can I Find....

...a gas station like this?

(travis hoehne )

I would have NEVER thought of this as a photo opportunity, but it is stunning. Click here to see a larger version of the photo's a must! Travis does great work, make sure to check out his blog!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting Yourself Ready

The morning of our big day I will be getting ready in our "Vice-Presidential" hotel suite...bright and early around 7am. I imagine I will look something like this (hopefully with the mimosa):

Maybe I'll even have time to relax....
Where are you getting ready the morning of your wedding? Relaxing at the spa? Getting a pedicure in the company of your bridesmaids!? Perhaps snoozing a couple minutes longer in the comfort of your own bed and getting ready in your own bathroom?! Whatever you do, take a moment to enjoy the morning!

pictures via (ben chrisman) check out his blog...his work is amazing!

Wedding Day Cards

Will any of you be writing a card and giving it to your "future husband" the morning of your wedding?

(ritzy bee)

I think its such a nice touch. If you aren't able to recite your own vows or see eachother before the ceremony, this might be your only real chance that day to tell the Groom how you feel, in that moment.

(bobbi + mike)

One of my personal favorites...a card for the Groom with a little doggie on it asking "Please Marry My Mommy Today"


So, are you going to exchange cards the morning of the wedding before you see eachother!?

Find a Chair

It is necessary to take a moment, sit back and relax at some point on your wedding day. And you should do so in style....and in the company of your photographer.

Above: There are so many incredible elements of this picture. From the amazing chair to the ultra sophisticated decor, everything about this picture is just perfect.
Below: How relaxing does this look!?!

(ben chrisman)

Also, check out the bio of Knottie Springchic for other chair portrait images.

Will you take a moment to find a chair to relax in on your special day!?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Top This!

My little bloggity blog was is featured on Alltop Weddings!
I just wish that I had time to visit all of the other great blogs Alltop has featured. Check them out if you have time!
Thanks goes out to Christine Tremoulet for nominating me!
And because every post should have a pretty picture:
This will so be me at some point during our reception....

(checkin it out: ben chrisman )

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Little More Flair

love. this. picture.the flair, the building covered in moss, everything. love.
photo via ben chrisman check out his blog, you will love it too.

A Little Flair

Ask your photographer to add a little "sun flair" into your engagement session pictures or your wedding pictures. You will love the results:

(Travis Hoehne)

(Evoke Photography)

(bobbi + mike)

(Anna Kuperberg )

{One of} My Best Friends Wedding{s}

If this doesn't give you an idea of how great of a time Chris and I had being in our friends wedding this weekend, I don't know what will....

It was fabulous. More details to come.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Off to be a Maid

I'm off to the greater Dayton/Cincinnati area to be a bridesmaid in tomorrow's wedding of my good good friends Stephen and Jenn!!

Another one ties the knot...
Our wedding is creeping closer...
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Little Birdy Told Me....

....that even though I'm not too crazy about birds, that I should check out this wedding (photographed by sara france):
The invitation envelopes are pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen. From: THE LOVEBIRDS. How precious!? Imagine walking into a reception and finding your table adorned with this elaborate centerpiece:
And then to look down at your plate and see 1) a handstitched place card 2) an adorable photostrip 3) and a nest with THE cutest saying, "love tweet love" atop egg candies. Are you kidding me!?!
And if that wasn't enough....the cake. Check out the detail on the layers AND the topper.

For more detail check out this post at joyful weddings & events.
Tweet tweet!

Rings on Display

I must say, the shot below of the rings on the clock is one of my all-time favorites. However, I could be biased since Nicole is going to be our photographer... Regardless, the couple got married on 06-07-08 and now they have this to frame:
(06-07-08: nicole green)

Below: I love the black and white ring shot because of the pattern of the fabric and the ring(s) remind me of mine. You can't see the detail very well, but the 2 rings were slid onto the prongs of the table sign holder and I love the results! And who can resist the rings atop a bottle of (empty!) Patron?!

(black & white: luna photo/ table holder sign & patron bottle: Christine Tremoulet)

Dear Louis Vuitton,
Please feel free to send a (large) handbag my way as a wedding present. And you can tell your friend, Tiffany, to come the blue box of course!

(steeves photography)

Copy {Click} and Paste {Volume 4}

Continuing on with yesterday's post and my love for a long veil, I give you this:

I'm not usually one for the-wind-has-caught-my-veil-and-now-it's-floating look, but I'll make an exception. I love the extra long veil. And "the dip" doesn't hurt either. Annnd the church in the background (I love the bouquet and the ruffles on the dress, but that's beside the point).
Long story short, I want this shot.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long it is...

It started with the veil in this post. And then there were these. And now there are these:

(white box weddings)

(the wiebners )

My love for the long veil continues. Now I just need to find mine!

Outside a Mansion

I came across this picture today on The Brides Cafe and my mind started churning a mile a minute.

Here's why:
A mere minute away from our gorgeous church sits Meridian Street. Meridian Street is home to some of the most breathtaking mansions in Indianapolis. Lucky for us, a good family friend (who will be attending the wedding) owns one of them. Do you think....could we possibly....ask for "permission" to sneak away to their grounds for a couple of minutes after the ceremony to obtain some shots like the one above?!!?
Oh what I wouldn't give for a picture in front of a pretty mansion....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amuse Me

With summer in full swing there is no better time than now to grab your photographer, your fiance and a cute summer dress and head over to your local fair/carnival/amusement park to grab some great engagement shots!
(amazing photography via jasmine star)
Or, perhaps you can sneak away to a snag a picture on a Ferris wheel on your big day!

(the stunning Ferris wheel picture via: perfect bound)
And, in case you wanted your big day to have a carnival/amusement park theme, snippet & ink has you covered:

(Board #173 from Snippet & Ink)

Perhaps there will be a carnival going on when Nicole and Dan come up to the lake to shoot our engagement pictures....

Shoes on Display

The fiance actually sent me this picture from our photographer, Nicole Green, as a little idea for a picture that we might want to get.
My (plum) shoes displayed in a fun way such as this...or sitting on a chair next to the the striped or argyle socks that Chris will be wearing...would make for a cute photo for sure.

DIY Bouquet Centerpieces

I love love love this picture taken by jonathan canlas photography:

Gathering a batch of carnations or dahlias and wrapping the stems with colored ribbon would be quite painless. Clustering a couple of the bouquets on a table at the reception produces the above lovely results.
P.S. If you are even thinking about adding a bold punch of yellow into your color scheme then you will do so after seeing this wedding.

Groomsmen's Gifts

The fiance has a dilemma. The groomsmen's gifts are proving to be more challenging that either of us bargained for. Our groomsmen have all been in their fair share of weddings and, therefore, we have ruled out the following gifts:

  • the traditional engraved beer mug, money clip, pen, or flask
  • cologne, watch, or cuff links
  • a round of golf the day of the wedding there isn't enough time that morning since pictures will start around 11am.

(photo via: weddingbee)

Obviously he could give/gift his groomsmen the socks and tie we would like them to wear for the actual wedding. However, I think that he would like to give them something else....that they might actually use after the wedding.

My thoughts:

  • a baseball cap from their favorite sporting team
  • a cigar(s) and a bottle of their favorite liquor
  • a travel shaving kit stocked full of manly toiletries

Ummm that's all I got. Help us. Please.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Parents Wedding

Back in 1983, there was a wedding....a fabulous one if you ask me. It was the wedding of my parents.
My Mommy and her Dad, practicing walking up the aisle at the rehearsal.

The next day my Mom donned this blusher/"birdcage" veil that her Mother MADE for her!! I think its to-die-for. I wonder if she still has it... Husband and wife! Love the grey suit...good choice Daddy! My Mom wore her Mother's wedding dress.
Mommy's side and Daddy's side after the wedding.

Walking into their reception as husband and wife.

And there you have it friends...that is my favorite wedding EVER. Almost 25 years ago and the pictures are still beautiful...and so are my parents.

Mommy as a the 70's

I went home this past weekend to celebrate Father's Day. Luckily I had some time at home to peruse old wedding albums and family pictures. Little did I know that I would come across this gem:
That, my friends, is Mommy dearest serving as a bridesmaid circa 1970-ish.
Where do I even start with this picture?
Note: Mommy CLEARLY had the better colored skirt. The poor girl behind her was in a orange-marigold-brady-bunch number. The ribbon from the bouquet is practically overpowering the "outfit"...but I'm pretty sure nothing could overpower those pouffy sleeves.
Bridesmaid dress aside, Mommy was a hottie-bo-bottie!!
Mommy, Thanks for letting me brought a smile to many a women on this Monday morning.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day this year was spent up at the lake, the place my Daddy loves to be at.
(age 1-ish and at the playground at the lake with Daddy)

Daddy, thank you for always being a constant source of strength, the best listener and advice-giver I have ever met, and my biggest fan. I love you more than words can say.
xo, your little girl.
(i love this picture...always have and always will. daddy's side & mommy's side with me in the middle.)