Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Married: In the Kitchen with a Clock

Some of the most beautiful wedding photos are captured in the most atypical locations. For instance, this first photo was taken moments before the wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids and the bride were lined up in the kitchen of the restaurant where the ceremony and reception were taking place. You can almost feel their excitement.
The wedding ceremony came and went and the bride and the groom became mr. & mrs. The couple and their wedding party retreated back into the kitchen to share kisses, smiles, and laughter before re-joining their guests for the reception.

Who would have thought that a bride could have this much fun on her wedding day in the kitchen of a restaurant? I suppose having a newly minted husband, a glass of champagne and a stunning dress doesn't hurt. But this, my little bloggity blog friends, is my favorite picture from the kitchen series. How neat would it be to know that at 5:12 on your wedding day, shortly after you were pronounced husband and wife, that you kissed eachother...and the world stood still. It didn't matter that you were in a kitchen. It just mattered that in that moment you were married and very very very much in love. As you can tell, I am quite a fan of these pictures and other pictures taken in nontraditional locations that turn out fabulous and prove that pretty scenery isn't necessarily a must-have in an attempt to obtain a pretty picture. You can see more of these kitchen photos at 512 married and you must must must see this couples wedding photos right over here: the main course: ginger&adam

p.s. the stunning pictures in this post are by Heather of one love photo and used with expressed permission.
p.p.s. you can see a fantastic feature of this wedding {check out all the details and info!} by jen over at her always inspirational blog, green wedding shoes, right here!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Quite the Stunning Lace Dress

You know, this dress just wasn't "me"at the time I was shopping for a wedding dress. But I so wish that it was. I am fairly certain that this is one of the top five of my favorite wedding dresses. Just look at that neckline!! And those straps extend into this stunning detail on the back of the dress. In my opinion, its everything a back of a dress should be, and more.
The dress even looks good in black and white, naturally.

You can see the details of this wedding right here. And trust me, there are a lot of pretty little details that you won't want to miss.
Pictures by the talented husband and wife team of Paul & Mecheal Johnson and used with expressed permission.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Style Me Pretty Calligraphy Feature

There have been some pretty exciting things happening over at my little calligraphy shop, Penned & Pretty in the last few months! One of which I already blogged about over at Penned & Pretty, but just had to share with you here as well.

Back in December 2009, Molly of Paisley Quill gave me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of an inspiration to reality photo shoot for Style Me Pretty alongside some of the most wedding industry's finest vendors. I literally jumped at the chance.Molly sent me some of the most intricate and beautiful escorts I had ever seen. I put my "pretty adorable" calligraphy on about 20 of them and sent them back to her in time for the shoot. I couldn't wait to see how they would be used and I sure couldn't wait to see the pictures and feature!

Blacks, golds, baby blues and a little navy were the colors that shined throughout this stunning shoot. If you're thinking about having a winter wedding, I'm pretty sure that there is no way that you can see the pictures from this event and not be inspired. It's all about the details, as they say, and having the escort cards displayed on bare branches made for quite the eye-catcher. The stark branches gave way for the escort cards to shine. The outcome of the shoot was stunning, to say the least. If you haven't seen it already take a little look at the Style Me Pretty from inspiration to reality shoot part one part two part three part four {the video!} and part five!Here is a close-up of one of the escort cards. In case you didn't know, this is the "Pretty Adorable" style which is by far the most requested script from my little calligraphy shop! Here is a of the wonderful vendors that made this shoot happen! Flowers , Table Design and Dessert Buffet: Aisha Holly Dooby Design Group / Stationery: Molly Myers • Paisley Quill / Photography: Aruna Mall • Aruna B. Photography / Videography: Ryan Koral • Epic Motion / Venue: The Royal Park Hotel • Kristen Hickey / Hair & Make-up: Angela Valentine & Jennifer Jaroma • Salon U2 / Cake: Papa Joe’s Market/La Sala Banquet • Sue Helzer / Dress: Amsale • Donated by V2V / Model: Andrea Walker.
A very special thanks to Molly of Paisley Quill for the opportunity to be involved in this shoot and to Abby at Style Me Pretty for the feature!
All pictures by Aruna Mall of Aruna B. Photography and used with expressed permission.