Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tying the Knot...With Rope

One of my many inspirations:

Nautical rope would be the inspiration behind my beloved "Tying the Knot" theme. I'm pretty much envisioning the rope appearing everywhere. I want it on my invitations, programs, escort board, escort cards, vases of the flower arrangements, etc. Well, almost everywhere. I'm not going to go to such extremes as substituting it for the ribbon around my bridal bouquet or have it appear on the cake...but anything else is fair game.
Let's just hope that I can find it as cheap as ribbon....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To Hint or Not to Hint

As I mentioned before, I am not yet engaged. The "plan" was to get engaged sometime in the summer of 2007 and get married in the summer of 2008. We have decided to get married in Indianapolis and I would like to get married downtown. Other than that, we haven't discussed much. That doesn't mean that I haven't been planning on the sly though!

This weekend is labor day weekend and Chris and I are heading up to the lake to spend some time with my parents, relax, and enjoy the water and the sun over the last weekend of summer. Now, my aforementioned post stated that I wanted to have a "tying the knot" themed wedding complete with engagement pictures/STD taken at the lake and a nautical theme. So you can imagine my desire to become engaged AT the lake. HOW PERFECT!! And I already found one of the pictures that I would love to take after the proposal:

The picture was found at "The Preppy Wedding" blogspot. Of course, my chairs would be white to correlate with my navy, white, and a splash of green color scheme. Ohhhh I am so excited!

Of course, its too late to hint about my desire to him now. If it happens, it happens and life, and my theme, will be perfect! Cross your fingers!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So I thought it was time to post a picture of Chris and I! This is a picture taken this past Fourth of July on the pier of the sailing club my parents belong to.

I do have a "thing" for black and white pictures, they always look so classic and clean! As a prelude of things to come, I would LOVE for my wedding to have a "tying the knot" theme. My vision is engagement pictures (and STD's) taken at the lake (think nautical/sailing theme), navy bridesmaid dresses, navy and white invitations with a splash of bright green, sailor rope everywhere, a DIY escort card board with sailor rope, etc. Get excited!!

How We Met

I thought that the next snippet I should share is the story of how Chris and I met. It was my senior year of college and my good friend Angie and I decided on a whim to drive 2 hours to Cincinnati, OH to see a Rascal Flatts concert together. So, on 9/9/05 off we went on a little road trip. I had called my sorority sister Melissa, who moved to Cincinnati, to arrange a place for us to stay for the night. The concert was amazing and Angie and I were glad that we had embarked on our adventure together. We called Melissa after the concert and found out that she was still babysitting. So, naturally we decided to take in the Cincinnati nightlife while we were waiting on Melissa. The task at hand, which Angie eagerly accepted, was to get directions to the Cincinnati bars from a group of guys. After one or two failed attempts, we spotted a group of three good looking men just waiting to be talked to. In traditional "Angie" fashion, she wasted no time approaching them. As luck (fate) would have it, they were looking for a ride to the bars since they had been dropped off by friends before the concert. After passing some time in the crowded parking lot waiting to leave by playing volleyball, we were off to the bars. I sat in the back seat, next to Chris and he put is arm around me and we started talking...and didn't stop. We were inseperable the rest of the night, sharing stories, laughs, and our first kiss. And here we are, almost 2 years later!

Friday, August 24, 2007

About Us...Again!

The love of my life is Christopher. He's currently 26 years old and residing in Cincinnati, OH. Chris is the youngest of 4 children and was born and raised in Cincinnati. He attended the University of Cincinnati on a golf scholarship and majored in civil engineering. He currently works for a small civil engineering firm that has high hopes for his management potential!
Chris has many hobbies that keep him busy throughout the week. He is on a baseball league, two softball leagues, and a sub for a golf league. On the weekends he enjoys wakeboarding at any lake that he can find (in the summer!), spending time at the pool in his backyard, and seeing his beautiful girlfriend! =)
Thats the short and sweet version. Since he still doesn't know that I'm blogging about him, I'll keep it to a minimum until I have the courage to tell him!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

About Us

Today I will talk a little bit about...myself!
I was born in Ft. Wayne, IN and moved to Indianapolis, IN to go to college at Butler University. At Butler University I was a member of Delta Gamma, ran on the cross-country team my freshman year, and had the time of my life. I majored in accounting and spent a lot of hours with my nose in the books. After graduating with my bachelor's, I went right back to Butler for another year to obtain my Masters degree. The summer after that year was spent studying, again, for the CPA exam. So far, I am proud to report that I have passed 2 parts of the exam!!
I will begin work in the professional world in September, working for a publilc accounting firm as a staff auditor. From there, who knows where I will end up, but I am excited about the journey ahead! Currently, I enjoy NOT studying, spending time with friends, and spiltting my time on the weekends between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, where Christopher lives.
Tomorrow, or later tonight, I will post a little somethin' about my better half!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The First Post

I am so excited to begin my first post! I have started this blog for two purposes:
1. To document the process that I will go through from becoming a fiance to becoming a wife.
2. To potentially become a blogger on , a site that I have already come to know and love.
Purpose #1 (the main purpose) came about after seeing a skinny book at Borders claiming to allow one to document the engagment process. PLEASE! As if the "engagement process" can be documented within 30 pages. Thus, my blog idea was somewhat born.
Purpose #2: Although I am not yet engaged, I am already obsessed with planning my wedding. One day I happily stumbled upon a "blog" at which I now visit frequently. Over the past month it has become my deepest desire to become a blogger (or a "bee" as the site calls it) on the site and to do so, I need to first become a blogger first myself.

So, over the next year I intend to update this blog daily with my thoughts and experiences. I hope to look back at it in a couple of years when I am still happily married and reminise on the wonderfuul journey that I took in becoming a finance to a bride.