Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thoughts on Accessories

One of my daily wedding blog reads The Pink Book Blog led me to Anna Bellagio. Loving these two:

And now for the shoes. Requirements: over 2 inches tall, not plain, white. Comfort does not matter. Here are the top two contenders....thus far:

(images from Shoe Buy and weddingbee. excuse the poor cropping!)

The only other accessory that I might want to wear on the big day would be a ring from one of my grandmothers or mom.

Thoughts?! Where are you getting your earrings for your big day from?

To the Beach

Listen here friends. If you are having a destination wedding or a wedding near a beach:
1. I am jealous of you
2. You HAVE to check out Paul Johnson. To. Die. For. Images.

This wedding took my breath away.

You can see the happiness of the bride & groom throughout all of the pictures. I especially LOVE this picture showcasing Brittany's stunning dress. Perhaps even more breathtaking is the setting of this wedding. Picture perfect sunset. Love the cottages in the background.

White tents with flowing fabric and glowing light....could you ask for anything more?!

And then I found this shot on his blog from another wedding,

If you are planning a wedding anywhere near a beach you owe it to yourself to check out Paul Johnson.

{Don't forget to check out this post to view our save the dates. Let me know what you think!}

Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Save the Dates

Last night I came home to an apartment filled with friends, laughter, and bottles of wine. It was just what I needed. And it gave me the perfect opportunity to deliver the rest of our save the dates!! Now that (almost) all of the save the dates are out of our hands, I can share them with all of you!
With your help, we were able to pick out a picture from our save the date session with Nicole. Then we tricked our invitation designer into helping us come up with a design for the save the dates that is cohesive with our invitations and overall vision for the big day. Everything was uploaded to Vista Print and after entering 2 coupon codes I found on the internet, I got 130 save the dates and envelopes for under $50. Yes, I said under $50.
(please give all credit of the images to me, if you use these images in the future. information has been blurred for privacy purposes.)

We used a plum background and incorporated elements of our monogram in a watermark and through using the same font. Clearly, this picture was the favorite, so we just had to put it on there.

(again, please excuse the excessive amount of blurring that was performed)

More than half of our guests will be from out of town, so it was important for us to include information that they might find useful. The back of the save the date (which I now found out can be printed in color for just pennies more! Oh well...) includes ceremony and reception venue information, the address of our wedding website, and instruction on how to make hotel reservations for the rooms we blocked off.

So far, the save the dates have been a hit. What do you think!?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Creative Photo Ops

I posted before on the new hot spot to take engagement and wedding alley. I love the idea and I love the results. Now I'm starting to look for photo ops. in places I would have never thought to look.

I found these pictures from Evoke Photography that took my breath away:

Taken on a ranch/farm/winery (Rancho Bernado Winery) these pictures are so unique and fun! Evoke also recently captured this engagement session at Big Bear Lake that is filled with THE most amazing pictures I have ever seen:

Pretty sure that I would NEVER have thought to take engagement pictures in the middle of winter, but look at the fantastic results!
Are you and your fiance taking pictures (wedding or engagement) in some "off-the-wall" locations? I would love to know how creative you are all getting!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To Bring a Smile

Thank you to those of you who have already left sweet comments about the post below. I really appreciate it. Thanks even more to my friends that have already called and given me support and made girls night mandatory for me on Thursday night.
This picture cheers me up just a little on a day like today. Like my Mom says, I have to keep my "eye on the prize" which is marrying Christopher in 186 days!

picture via chere-amie of mimi from enjoy:{the blog}

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Gram

There will not be many postings on Tying the Knot this week....

My Gram (she hated being called Grandma...she said it made her feel old) passed away Sunday night.
Rest in Peace, Gram. You finally get to be with Bampaw again and I know that you are smiling from ear to ear.

I love you and I miss you. xo jessica lynn

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Veiled Options

When I was searching for my dress, I cringed every time the associate assisting me would stick a veil into my hair. Actually, it was more like she stabbed the veil into my head. Hasn't every bride experienced this kind of pain?! I see it as a right of passage. Regardless, a couple of months ago I wasn't even sure if I wanted to wear a veil on the big day. I didn't want to be trapped behind mosquito netting while walking down the aisle and I wanted to avoid any sort of veil that looked like a giant marshmallow around my head. I was indifferent as to the length as long as it wasn't too short.

And then I saw these pictures via the ritzy bee blog:

I'll take that exact veil, please! I'm planning on pinning mine underneath my "updo" and having it flow down instead of pinning it anywhere near the top of my updo/head in order to minimize any chance of a "poof"/halo effect around my head.

My dress doesn't have as long of a train as I really wanted, so perhaps a longer veil would give off the look that I wanted, especially for the ceremony. And then, the veil will come off for the reception. Thoughts? Will the long veil give the illusion of a longer train or will it take away from the back of the dress? Are you/did you take off your veil for the reception?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Break from the Break

Just stopping back in for a moment to take care of some "buizz-nass."
I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that commented on my previous post or took a minute to drop me an e-mail to tell me how much you enjoy my blog. When I started this itty bitty blog I never thought it would become what it is today. Today it is my pretty little (somewhat addicting) piece of work that I write in almost daily and keep stocked full of the most amazing pictures and all things wedding-related. I am so happy that others find it entertaining, relevant, and worthy of their time. So thank you for visiting and for coming back!

It has been hard to stay away from blogging over the past 3 days, especially after reading all of your sweet comments! Even my mom told me it was time to get back to blogging! So I had to stop back in and share 3 blogs for you to peruse until I'm back to normal posting next week.
Rebecca Bouck A wedding photographer behind these cute shots:

Inspired Events by Nycia: A charming little blog with lots of inspiration boards!
Jennifer Bowen Photography : Pictures upon pictures of all the wedding moments she captures. You can really see the event from start to finish!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break

This week, my little blog and I will be taking some needed time off.

The main reason behind this "spring break" is due to the fact that weddingbee finally told me that I am not "hive-worthy." I know, I know, I'm as shocked and stunned as all of you. No explanation was really given as to why I didn't cut it for them and at this point, I'm over it....or maybe still in denial. As a reward to myself for not driving up to Bee headquarters and demanding acceptance, I'm giving myself a couple days off to pout it out. The next couple of days will be spent sifting through my Google Reader, cleaning up my blog a little bit, determining the BM dresses, and getting the remaining save the dates out the door instead of posting.

Next week: our save the dates, an inspiration board for my dear friend Candice, a new poll, and so much more!
Also, next week is the official end of "busy" season for me at work. No more 55+ hour weeks filled with weeks upon weeks of traveling...a celebration is in order.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pictures on the Circle

One of the focal points of downtown Indianapolis is Monument Circle. The brick circle around the monument and the buildings surrounding it make for a great backdrop for engagement shoots and wedding day photo opportunities. On any given Saturday during wedding season, it would be rare not to see a wedding party capturing some beautiful moments. Here are just a few that I have found:
Monument Circle even looks good in black and white!

Our photographer, Nicole snapped some pictures of us around the circle for our save the date cards. I hope Chris and I can make it back to the circle before the wedding on our big day to get some beautiful pictures like the ones above. Are you planning on using a well-known landmark/spot as the backdrop for your wedding photos or engagement photos!?

(all photos via Jessica Strickland)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Black Black and Hot Hot Pink

One of the first weddings I ever actually paid attention to detail at was a wedding with a black and hot pink color scheme. I was in love. Not so much anymore, I can't be in love with it because my good friend Jenn is using those colors this coming June (the unspoken rule: I won't steal your color scheme if you "called" it first.) Regardless, I captured a couple beautiful black and pink images that I just had to share:

(l to r: Jessica Strickland, Jessica Strickland, Jennifer Skog, Brides, Rebecca Thuss, Jessica Strickland, The Knot, Evoke Photography)

Pink is such a versatile color. It seems like any flower can be found in a pink hue and you can even attempt to make the groomsmen wear a pink tie! A hot pink and black color scheme is fun yet elegant and will always look great in photos!
For more hot pink and black inspiration check out:
Style Me Pretty Inspiration Board
Think Pink! Inspiration for a bachelorette party or wedding shower!

S&I Pink Board

And don't forget your matching monogram!

{Update: Check out this S&I board!}

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Poll: Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Although she doesn't know it, Molly from these little moments is the inspiration behind today's post and poll! (If you haven't checked out her blog, you NEED to. It is a must read!)

Molly's post today contained a snippet about rehearsal dinner invitations that got me thinking about whether or not rehearsal dinner invitations are really necessary.
My thoughts: Necessary:

1. If you're having a wedding where guests are going to come into town the night before, it is customary to invite them to the rehearsal dinner, along with your bridal party and parents. Those out-of-town guests will need to know the info below in #2.

2. The dinner location is quite a hike from the rehearsal venue. If your bridal party is not familiar with the area, sending an invitation ahead of time with necessary directions (to hotel, rehearsal site, dinner location, etc) would be helpful and appreciated.

3. Traditionally the Groom's parents host the rehearsal dinner. If mom-to-be wants to spring for the invitations then it's your lucky day! Send them out, because who can resist a charming piece of mail, like the one above from bird and banner?!

My thoughts: Unnecessary:

1. When you have amazing communication skills and full intend on making everyone aware of the plans for the rehearsal and dinner well in advance through other means (e-mail, newsletter, evite, etc).

2. When the thought of licking another envelope, attempting to find a stamp to correlate with your invitation design, etc. is enough to make you go crazy....then a rehearsal dinner invitation is not necessary.

What do you think? Are you going to send our rehearsal dinner invitations?! Vote now!

{Total votes: 42. yes 11, sometimes/it depends 24, not necessary 7.}

Monday, March 10, 2008

A New Game of Tag!

It's a new game of tag,my friends! I was tagged by Sarah at TheMcWoods in the 'new rules & new ideas' game of tag.
The rules:
-List your top three favorite new wedding ideas.
-Link back to the post of the person who tagged you - this will create a continuous stream of posts that readers can follow.

- Tag a new person and share the rules. Here is the link to Sarah's post on the new game of tag.
Here are my top three:
1. Day after photo shoots.

(Jamie & Scott by evoke photography)
Grab your new hubby and your stellar photographer and get some more pictures of the two of you in your wedding day attire. Go to a beach, lake, the country, or to a funky place in the city you are in (perhaps an alley!). Be creative and the results will be stunning!

2. Let the bridesmaids shine on your big day. Afterall, they are your best friends and closest family, right!? Let them bring a hint of their own personalities and style into your big day (after approval from you, of course!).


Allow them to pick from two or three bridesmaids dresses of the same color, material, or brand. Allow them to accessorize with jewelry or cute shoes in your accent color (love the lime green pumps!). The little details that make them feel special will only add sparkle to your special day.

3. Have a theme. Not so sure this is a NEW trend, but I feel as though it's becoming more popular. Having a theme for your wedding is like tying a perfectly wrapped present with an adorable bow. If you haven't checked out Miss. Lovebug's typewriter theme on weddingbee, you are missing out. She has the cutest invitations, table signs, favors, that all correlate with her typewriter theme. During my pre-planning stages of wedding planning, I was set on a nautical theme that I still love. If you're getting married outdoors, have a rustic woodland theme. If you met while traveling, incorporate that country where you met into your big day. (Check out the S&I Paris, je t'aime board!) If you met while studying at the library then incorporate something like this into your wedding day:

Whatever you do, embrace it and make it your own and your special day is sure to be memorable.
I'm going to tag Aletha of Pearls Events, I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ring Bling

Who doesn't love a good ring shot?

Coming up this week:
1. an inspiration board for a black, white, and hot pink color scheme
2. gorgeous wedding day pictures taken at a local "landmark"
3. i got "tagged" by Sarah of TheMcWoods. I'll list my top three favorite new wedding ideas soon!
and coming soon: the finished product...our save the dates!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Alley

I would have never thought that picture perfect images could come out of an alley. Nor did I imagine that I would ever physically be IN an alley, posing for a picture. But that was then. Alleys are all the rage now-a-days. And for good reason. Check it out:

Nicole snapped some pictures of us in an alley for our save-the-date photos, check them out here. Love them. And we/I hope to find an alley on our wedding day to capture even more phenomenal pictures.

Are you utilizing an alley on your wedding day?!

And the more important question. Are you going to rock. it. out. while you are in the alley!? This picture is beyond amazing.


So I got a sweet e-mail tonight from Jen of Wifeville. Within 1 minute of surfing Wifeville, I knew Jen would be one of my new best friends.

First of all, the girl met her hubby in an airport, and I met mine at a concert. Ahhh, fate! Second of all, her website is about as cute as her personality. Third, the girl read my mind.
Listen, we all know that cute apparel for brides is non-existent. It's all white and its all reserved for the wedding day only (you know, the "Bride" terry-cloth hoodie). Well Jen has changed all that. This is what she had to say,
"I remember the excitement of getting married. I shouted “I'm a Wife!” And that’s how Wifeware was born. Our sweet and sassy line features contemporary, hipster clothing. You can spoil your inner fashionista and show off your love for your hunky hubby in our signature gear. You can get Wifeware as engagement, shower, and/or wedding gifts – and be able to wear it AFTER the wedding too!"
My personal favorite, the Lucky Wife tee! I would have picked out the "Royal Wife" sweatpants as my favorite item, but Chris says I have too many sweatpants. I disagree, you can never have too many sweatpants...
Go. Shop. Buy sweatpants.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Poll: The Head/ Sweetheart Table

The size of our bridal party, 16 including Chris and I, has caused us some logistics problems. Getting to and from the hotel, church, and reception has provided to be a reoccurring nightmare consuming my thoughts at least twice a day. Not to mention that our church has an extra-long aisle and it will take the 7 BM's at least 5 minutes to walk from the back of the church to the front. By the time they make it to the front, the guests will be ready to go home. However, the larger logistical problem at hand is dealing with the seating for ourselves and our large bridal party at the reception.
Here are our options:
1. A Sweetheart table for the two of us. Allow our bridal party to sit with their dates at two tables. (photo below via Jessica Claire)
2. Lining up the bridal party 7 on each side in a row almost the length of a football field. It's traditional and it works. (photo via Knottie Mrs. Pootiekins)

3. Split up the bridal party between two (oval) tables of 8 that are placed side by side next to eachother at the front of the room. This is our venue's preference. But how do we decide which members of the party sit with us and which are exiled to the other table!?

Thoughts!? How are you handling your head table?
{Results: 39 votes!! sweetheart: 22, one long table: 12, two tables: 5}

How About Orange!?

My post last week about using the blue hue family was one of my favorites. Inspired by the top left picture below, I wanted to continue the idea of using one hue family and create an inspiration board around the color orange.

(top left: Jennifer Skog all others: the knot)

I love orange when paired with a peach to make a creamsicle palette or with a hue of pinks for a fresh, preppy, romantic look. Orange works in the spring, summer, and fall. Are any of you using this bold color in your wedding?

For more orange wedding inspiration, check out these sites:
Gifts From the Kitchen- Orange wedding cupcakes!
Blue & Orange Inspiration Board- Combining last weeks board and this weeks board!
This, this, this, and this board from S&I

Sasksushine -Amazing orange & blue details
How About Orange - for non-wedding orange inspiration

Faye & Greer - Orange & Chocolate

Monday, March 3, 2008


Dear weddingbee,

Pllllllllllleeeeeeease let me into the hive. My Mom asks me daily if I have gotten "in" and I am still awaiting the invite. As previously posted here, I promise to be a the bestest busiest little bee you have ever met. I'm witty and come bearing a super cute fiance and posting filled with wedding eye-candy. Have any of your other bees wanted it this badly? Have they resorted to begging and pleading on their blogs? I didn't think so. Please?!

(Ed. note: I realize that bestest is not a word, I just like the way it looked next to busiest.)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Box & a Stand

Laura Novak, as in THE Laura Novak, got married not too long ago in which can only be describes as what looks like one of THE most fabulous weddings of the year.
Two of my favorite details from the big day were, ironically enough, her card box and the “stands” for the table centerpieces at the reception.

Her card box appears to be just a normal box, but it was so beautifully designed and put together that I know all of her guests stopped to marvel at it as they passed by it.

It looks like I’ll be in search for some textured plum fabric in the near future so we can make ours look half as attractive.

And the girl, or her decorator, is a genius in dreaming up this idea to hoist her centerpieces about 6-9 inches off of the table. In sticking with her damask-themed d├ęcor, she used these cylinders to boost her centerpieces off the table. L-o-v-e. I'm thinking about using the same concept to make our "tall" centerpieces "taller."

(photo via Jessica Claire)

Read more about her big day here and in Jessica Claire's blog.