Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nautical Wrap

Erin at Lucky Me! recently posted this lovely little eye candy of a fellow blogger {Aylee} that is planning her wedding with a nautical theme!

You all should know that nautical themed weddings hold a close little place in my heart as I spent my childhood summers at the lake and the anchor represented my sorority's ideals and beliefs. Once upon a time, I was planning a nautical wedding.

So, imagine my glee when this picture of Aylee's DIY bouquet appeared in my google reader!

I don't think that a bouquet could get more lovely! You cannot go wrong with hydrangeas, a nautical rope bouquet wrap and a bow to finish it off. Loves it.


landlocked bride said...

How did I not see this post on that site?! I love all things nautical (especially since I'm an anchor gal myself --> Steph told me you were a DG, so was I!).

I love the idea of tying it with rope, it gives the bouquet a great look.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous idea. Beautiful!

:::Lyzz::: said...

That rope is just such a lovely touch. I haven't seen any bouquet lovelier than this.

Aylee Bits said...

Thank you for posting about my bouquet wrap! I was looking at photos of your wedding and it's beautiful! My friend is having the same color motif. I guess my friend and I will both be frequent visitors :).

Chocolate Lover said...

Thats a beautiful bouquet!
Thx for stopping by my blog!