Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pretty Plum Wedding Bouquets

Take it from me {a bride that could not find flowers in juuusst the perfect hue}, plum {and/or raspberry, for that matter} flowers are hard to come by. Luckily, with blogging little florists like JM Flora and other blogs featuring more real weddings, it's getting easier and easier to find legitimate floral inspiration for your big day.
If only I had pictures of this bouquet to show my florist. It would have made things so easier. Did I ever tell you that I cried when I saw my sample bridesmaid bouquet? Instead of plum and raspberry it was more violet, orange and bright pink. You would have cried too.

I wanted to share the picture below because its the same bouquet as the one above, but it looks totally different propped up against this gold chair. It just goes to show that you can change the look of a bouquet entirely depending on the table linen/bridesmaid dress/etc that it's
accenting. So with the same flowers, you can have one look for the ceremony and another for the reception all while keeping the entire day cohesive. Looking for more plum flower ideas? UBB posted a great little feature on plum flowers that you can find right here. Or you could browse through all of my favorite bouquets and flower ideas I've posted right here.

Pictures above courtesy of JM Flora and photos by Katie of Open Air Photography . See the full post with even more gorgeous bouquets here.


Morgan said...

Love those vibrant colors, with the pops of green mixed in!

mom said...

Yes! I remember how you cried when you saw the bridesmaid bouquets as well as your own, The ones on the blog are really neat.

Zane Wooder said...

I would be so nervous if I was responsible for the bouquet of families for a wedding.