Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'll Take the Last One

I have a never-ending love for ring shots, as seen here. And in almost every post, it seems, I have a new favorite. In this post, I'll take the last one.

pretty polka dots by robert sukrachand
olives & rings by: Millie Holloman , love & a bouquet by: The Shooting Gallery
pretty rings on a pretty invitation {a must take shot} by: Hy Studio
brides & grooms by: jessica strickland and the hudsons
my favorite. hands down. just because of the massive size and setting of the bling. via the shooting gallery


Jennifer said...

The last one is gorgeous!

Elyzabeth said...

All are very beautiful shots of rings. Have you ever posted any of your ring shots yet? I'd love to see it. Maybe you did, but I just missed it.

Elyzabeth said...

BTW, I really really like the first picture.

Anonymous said...

I love Ring Shots too. Take a look at this website:
It has loads of fun and unique rings shots.

Hope you like it.


Joanna said...

I love ring shots...thanks for sharing these! The first ring is so pretty.