Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As if her dress wasn't divine enough in the first place, adding a little lighting took it to a whole new level of absolute head-over-heels divine.

Please excuse the lack of love I have given to this little bloggity blog as of late. As you know, I'm trying to set up shop and have been working like crazy to open up the doors to that little shop. Please bear with me! This week {or next week} I hope to more of the "How I Tied the Knot" series with you in blogging about the ceremony and the programs. And I'm attempting to put together a tutorial of how I tied the ribbon around the vases used at our reception. So thanks for sticking around! I promise things around here will be back to normal soon!
pretty picture by: christine farah


Adrienne said...

Glad to hear you will be back in action soon! I could definitely use that ribbon tutorial right about now.....mine are looking more like fancy knots of ribbon around vases....haha.

MissFab said...

Wow i love love love that dress. do you have a picture of the rest of it? does the light really go with the dress so you're lit up as you walk down the aisle? lol. great blog!

Destination Weddings

jessica lynn said...

update: originally i credited marie labbacz with this photo when it was clearly christine farah's! sorry about that!! :)

and, missfab, i sure hope that is just uplighting and her dress doesn't really glow 100% of the time! :)

Nicole said...

yes...looking forward to the ribbon tutorial:)

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

awesome picture!