Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Married: In the Kitchen with a Clock

Some of the most beautiful wedding photos are captured in the most atypical locations. For instance, this first photo was taken moments before the wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids and the bride were lined up in the kitchen of the restaurant where the ceremony and reception were taking place. You can almost feel their excitement.
The wedding ceremony came and went and the bride and the groom became mr. & mrs. The couple and their wedding party retreated back into the kitchen to share kisses, smiles, and laughter before re-joining their guests for the reception.

Who would have thought that a bride could have this much fun on her wedding day in the kitchen of a restaurant? I suppose having a newly minted husband, a glass of champagne and a stunning dress doesn't hurt. But this, my little bloggity blog friends, is my favorite picture from the kitchen series. How neat would it be to know that at 5:12 on your wedding day, shortly after you were pronounced husband and wife, that you kissed eachother...and the world stood still. It didn't matter that you were in a kitchen. It just mattered that in that moment you were married and very very very much in love. As you can tell, I am quite a fan of these pictures and other pictures taken in nontraditional locations that turn out fabulous and prove that pretty scenery isn't necessarily a must-have in an attempt to obtain a pretty picture. You can see more of these kitchen photos at 512 married and you must must must see this couples wedding photos right over here: the main course: ginger&adam

p.s. the stunning pictures in this post are by Heather of one love photo and used with expressed permission.
p.p.s. you can see a fantastic feature of this wedding {check out all the details and info!} by jen over at her always inspirational blog, green wedding shoes, right here!


Marie. said...

This is amazing! :)

landlocked bride said...

LOVE this. I think I may just need a clock at our reception!

Mrs T said...

So love these. So love all of One Love Photos shots. Would kill for photos like that!

miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

Amazing photos!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I am compiling all the photos I see that I want to recreate-esque-ish at our wedding. this definitely made the list. Thanks!

Lincon said...

This is a beautiful affair! The green elements really set a beautiful mood. Fiestas can be classy too! I especially love the last photo, how beautiful! The details of this wedding are stunning! I LOVE her dress first off, and then the shoes, the flower arrangements with bark included were perfect, the cake is fantastic, and your pictures of it all are amazing. Thanks for sharing
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