Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Abandoned Greenhouse

I do believe that this engagement photo was taken inside an old abandoned greenhouse. Clearly, the results were phenomenal. Proof once again that one's idea of pretty scenery isn't necessarily pertinent to obtaining framaeble pictures. But, just in case you are more of a traditional engagement picture bride to be, here are a couple of other lovelies from their session.

pictures discovered on the brides cafe right here by What Shanni Saw.


holly-lynn said...

love her dress & her freckles! my husband has freckles & hopefully our children will too! maybe i can draw some on my face? j/k. :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

So beautiful.

shanni said...

hey there! so glad you find inspiration in non-traditional things too!!! When I saw the greenhouse I screamed at my poor husband to pull over- I think he nearly had a heart attack ;)