Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Calm and Cool

I wasn't really that calm and cool the day of our wedding. If it wasn't for Stephanie and my wonderful bridesmaids, I would have been a total mess. There were just so many details and I was so excited and anxious that it was hard to sit still and let the absolute joy of the day sink in all the way.

But this bride {at least in this picture} exemplifies all that a bride should be on her wedding day. Ready. Hopeful. In awe of the moment.
And this picture, my friends, is another must have. Would this not immediately be framed as a favorite?


Mrs. Gibbons said...

I admire your dedication to weddings! Even after your big day...I think you have a future in this!

PS - your wedding pics are darling!

LauraAnn said...

I thought you were very calm the day of your wedding! You fooled me....haha!

Amanda B. Young said...

I love this! Stunning. And that bride is breathtaking -- she looks just like Christine from the Phantom of the Opera movie (do you know who I'm talking about?). If only all brides could be that calm the day of!

Nicole said...

happy new years :)

Stephanie @ Gossip. Style. Wed. said...

I second Mrs. Gibbons in that I think you have a future in this :) Let's talk shop soon!