Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting One Just to Get One

Just a follow-up on yesterday's post on getting away. Diana from Another Beginning made the comment "you could rent a sweet convertible for the entire day for much less than a limo! And you still get the photo op!" adorable picture found at life love lipstick
So true. Please, friends don't be the bride that gets a limo just to get a limo! Look into getting a convertible or antique car to rent for the two of you to share the whole day. Have a family friend with a pretty ride drive you around (it can be their wedding present to you) on your wedding day. At the end of the day, you'll find yourself saving, just like we did, "I'm so glad that we didn't spend all that money on a limo!"

photo by lisa lefkowitz found via ritzy bee
Another bonus to a convertible car (or a car you can roll down the windows): When we left the church and rode around town for a while with the top down, so many people waived and honked after seeing that we were a newly married bride and groom. It left me smiling from ear to ear. If you're in a limo, no one can see you! Just a thought.

Side note 1: I am totally supportive of limo's/party buses if they serve the purpose of getting the bridal party to and from the pictures in between the ceremony and the reception or if you have quite the distance between venues.
Side note 2: My friends Jenn and Stephen rented a party bus for 2ish hours in between the ceremony and the reception. It transported the wedding party AND their dates/significant others from the church to downtown Cincinnati for pictures and then to the reception hall. It was beyond amazing because there was plenty of room for everyone (and coolers) and the bridal party's significant. others/dates didn't have to sit around for a miserable and lonely 3 hours in between the venue change.
Side note 3: If transporting your whole bridal party is a must and you are a fan of thinking outside the box, why not rent a school bus for your travels!? The idea has been featured on plenty of photographers blogs, and the resulting pictures are quite adorable. You can rent a school bus for the day (in Indianapolis) for around $300. So I think that this idea would work on any one's wedding budget.
photo found at whitebox weddings


Adrienne said...

I have been seriously considering the school bus idea...but Jeremy thinks I'm

My Dream Ring said...

I have always loved a beautiful Rolls-Royce, I plan on renting one only for my fiance and I for the getaway. My ceremony & reception is in one place so my party will not need transportation.

Mary Michal said...

I love the school bus idea. Especially for a bride and groom that were childhood sweethearts. So cool!!

Rachel H. said...

I love the school bus idea!! No really going to work for my situation, but TOO cute!!

Jessie said...

School bus is a little bit to much for me and a limo is just, well I dont like it :-) But we're getting a cadillac. I think that will rock :-)

Andrea said...

Love love love the first pic, sooo cute. I actually have an old Samsonite train case just like the one she's holding in the photo, only in blue. I &heart; vintage suitcases.

elizhogan said...

We are booking a school bus for 6hours for $360 in STL... I'm a teacher, so I think it will be a really cute idea! We'll use it to ride around with the wedding party beforehand and take pics... then we'll have the wedding party and their dates take the bus to the reception after the wedding. Not sure how new hubby and I will get to the hotel... but we'll figure it out!!!

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Kimberly Freshour said...

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