Monday, December 1, 2008

How I Tied the Knot: The Socks and Shoes

Previously in the post, tying the knot: the shoes and tying the knot: the sock shot I shared some of my favorite pictures of my shoes and the socks the guys wore. Now, it's time to let you all in on the details behind our footwear and the lessons that I learned from that aspect of our wedding day. And, of course, some pretty pictures to display along the way!

Not sure if I ever gave you a peek at the bridesmaids shoes. Aren't they beautiful!?

The shoes were black satin with a gathered detail along the top that matched the top of the bridesmaids dresses. They were perfect in every way. What's even better?! They were buy one get one half off at Charlotte Rouse. Each shoe factored out to be about $17 each. I gave them to my bridesmaids as gifts.

Lesson learned #8: Check every store for potential bridesmaids shoes. Don't just limit your bridesmaids to dyables they will never wear again! Everyday mall stores have cute (and colorful) shoes that can be turned into bridesmaids shoes in a heartbeat. You just have to search for them.

I know I already shared shots of my plum shoes with you here, but here's another. And the best part?! $39.99.

Lesson learned #9: I found my shoes at Bakers. Don't settle for white bridal shoes that you don't even really like. It's not a rule anymore that brides have to wear white shoes. See lesson learned #8 and look at your favorite stores (and on-line) for shoes that will make you happy and give you that bridal glow.

The socks were a gift to the groomsmen that we purchased at banana republic. The deal: buy three at $6.50 each. So the 7 socks for the GM plus a pair for Chris cost us a little over $50.

Lesson learned #10: Look at stores like j. crew and gap along with banana republic for argyle socks throughout the year. They make for great GM's gifts and great sock shots!

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all pictures by: nicole green. please link back to tying the knot when posting any of these pictures.


Lindsey said...

I adore the bridesmaid shoes! So cute, you have great taste!

My Dream Ring said...

Your shoes were smokin' hot, love the plum color! And the bridesmaid shoes are cute too and you can't beat the price of either pair!

Abbie said...

I got our BM's shoes at the Nine West for $19. They're a low heel, too, so if they'll be easier to wear (b/c some of my girls don't ever wear heels!)

I'm glad I work for a sock company, so I am going to get the guys matching socks. I love the pics that come from them!!

Rachel H. said...

Cute shoes...I want to get my bridesmaids cute shoes too!! I'll have to start looking!

Nicole said...

i heart Bakers!

diana said...

I love the socks!

Goldie said...

great choice of shoes!

Melissa said...

I love your shoes and the socks!

Anonymous said...

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