Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Potential New Best Friends

I saw a little snippet of this engagement session of a super cute couple and I instantly wished they were our neighbors. I have a feeling that we could be the best of friends. You'll see why in a second. But let's just start with the fact that both her and I wore the same pop of coral/orange for our engagement photos.

Are you kidding me with this nauticalness {below}!? I am in love. In case you didn't know, Chris and have a love for all things nautical and incorporated it into our engagement pictures here. Do you see the best friend bond forming!?But this one?! This one did me in. Be still my heart. The puppy + the life vests = major preciousness.

You wouldn't want to take all your engagement pictures in the same place or with the same outfit now would you?! I like to call this one "City Chic."
If anyone knows where Chris and I can get neighbors like this, please let us know. We'll bring over the pitcher of margaritas.

sweet engagement photos by kate headley as found on ritzy bee.


Nicole-Lynn said...

I saw this too, and loved this engaement session! So adorable!

Nicole said...

okay, im a sucker for that dog shot! how cute :) and love the outfits that they wore!

Jill said...

Her name is Martine and she's my real best friend! Her other best friend, Lindsay, spotted your blog and sent this to me. We will let you borrow her. She really is that adorable and put together and fun and easy going in real life as those pictures, too.

jessica lynn said...

jill, oh my goodness what a small world!! :) thank you so much for the comment! even your friend's name, Martine, is adorable! thanks for being willing to let me borrow her! :) if their wedding pictures are even half as gorgeous as their engagement pictures they will be one lucky couple! :) thanks for reading, and introducing yourselves, you guys!