Monday, July 20, 2009


By now you all know that I have a deep deep love for long {really long} veils. I would like to share this little gem with you. Just a little evidence of a long veil doin' it's thang and rockin' it out.
Further evidence of how stunning long veils are can be seen on this little bloggity blog here, here, here and here. And of course, my own veil in action striking a pose for the camera right here.

photo above via: out labor of love


anna and the ring said...

What a fabulous photo.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Gave me goose bumps.

Lydia said...

Check out Jessica Claire's post today for some gorgeous veil shots!

Julie G said...

I too love long flowy veils! And I love your blog! I am always looking for new wedding blogs to read and Im so happy I ran into yours =)