Friday, September 25, 2009

Your Mom's Dress

A couple years ago, I made my Mom pull her wedding dress out of the closet and show it to me. It was actually her mother's wedding dress that she also was able to wear. Talk about a beautiful heirloom worn by two women I love!
I, however, was not too keen on wearing it on my wedding day. And I didn't want to selfishly chop it up with scissors to make a garter or add part of it to my dress/veil/bouquet wrap. So, back in the closet it went.
This is what I should have done:
Pretty Bride displayed both her mother's and her mother-in-law's bridal gowns at her reception. What a lovely way to recognize both women! I am sure that the each mother, and the guests, loved the added detail.

You can find the rest of Pretty Bride's reception recap here.


Pretty Bride said...

aww thanks... glad you liked it!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I saw it and loved it too, very neat :)

holly-lynn said...

i would love this idea at a shower too!

BREE said...

This is a fabulous idea - very unique and creative way to honor them. My mom's wedding dress was chocolate brown (she was a hippy) and didn't want the typical white. I actually wore her wedding dress to our rehearsal dinner. It was perfect for the occassion. :)

Nicole said...


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic idea!