Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I just had to share these pictures with you, of a beautiful dockside wedding. After all, as much as I love fall, there are times when one longs for the days of summer back.

My favorite part of this wedding? The mantle in front of which the couple tied the knot. Check it out. Two starfish nestled in beautiful flowers on a mantle of stone and slate. Beautiful.

Who wouldn't want to tie the knot in this venue!? The bride choose the perfect colors to compliment the beachy rustic-ness of the space. Besides the mantle, I love the white benches!

Pink, white and perfectly beachy.

Looks like a perfect ending to a beautiful wedding.

Pictures from this wedding by Marie Labbancz


heather said...

That mantle is awesome!

Melissa said...

Such a pretty location!