Tuesday, October 21, 2008

{One of} My Best Friends Wedding{s}

I remember standing in my chapter house on bid day looking around at all of my new "sisters". Some I recognized, one was my roommate, and others I had never seen before. Jenn was one of those girls that I had seen before. Tall, blonde, and gorgeous I never thought she would want to be friends with little ole me! But over the years we developed the same circle of friends and became two of the five seniors that lived in the sorority house together. When I first started dating Chris, Jenn and Stephen (her then boyfriend) were one of the first people I introduced him to. They bonded over their love of the Cincinnati Bengals (back when they could win more than 1 game in a season) at our Baller Bash party and it was all downhill from there. The four of us then hung out all the time and haven't stopped since. From the late night hilarity in broadripple in our college days to spending three days with my Mom and I in the days after my Daddy passed away in June, Jenn has been a true friend in every way. Chris and I were honored to stand next to Stephen and Jenn this past June as they tied the knot in Cincinnati.
What a beautiful day it was and what a beautiful bride!
Our bridesmaids bouquets were a-mazing! Hot pink roses with black feathers. The stems were wrapped with black satin and completed the look.
So after the ceremony the bridal party (and dates) hopped in THE most phenomenal party bus of all time and went down to "Millionaires Row" to snap a couple pictures. The classy ride wouldn't be complete without six cases of beer, two giant champagne bottles, and $1 sunglasses with our choice of hot pink, neon green, or flashing orange accents. Since they were so fantastic, we had to get a picture with them. We're on the far left.

Just a few of our sorority sisters.
To be honest, I don't think that I had any of the cake, I was more about the open bar that night. But I'm sure the cake was as delicious as it looked.

Congrats Stephen and Jenn! And thanks for letting me snatch these pictures from your facebook albums in order to feature them here.


Candice said...

<3 What a beautiful post!So glad you're back!

LauraAnn said...

Awe! Their pictures turned out so cute!

Guilty Secret said...

Ooh I love the black feathers. Congrats to your friend :)