Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tying the Knot: Our Candy Bar

Here it is, friends. The candy bar recap. As you recall from this post I wasn't too sure if I wanted to do the whole candy bar deal at t-minus 20 days until the wedding. At t-minus about 10 days til the wedding I bit the bullet and ordered the candy. Am I glad I did it? Not sure.

Before I go any further I should note:
1. I don't have any pro photos of the candy bar since it was set up later into the reception, after Nicole left.
2. I borrowed all the jars/bowls from my great friend Kristen and was therefore able to reduce the cost of the candy bar by at least $100. If you want the really sweet looking apothecary jars, you can buy them here for a pretty great price (plus shipping). I only used 1 apothecary jar. The rest were just cool looking vases/jars/bowls. Moral of the story: you don't have to spend $200 in apothecary jars to have a sweet looking candy bar.

I went with an all-white candy bar. In part because plum/purple and/or raspberry candy was impossible to find and also because I looooove the look of an all white candy bar. That being said, the candy bar in the picture below is not mine, but a pretty picture (by clary pfeiffer) for this post.

Below is the make-up of our candy bar:

from bulk foods we bought:
72 white swizzle sticks
white nonpareil chocolate drops 5 pounds
hershey's kisses 5 pounds
white jordan almonds 5 pounds

from candy direct we bought:
white (pineapple) gummi bears 5 pounds

I searched high and low on-line and in stores for affordable white chocolate covered pretzels. I ended up buying some in bulk from meijer and the rest were Flipz pretzels bought from random places.

  • Skip the jordan almonds. They weren't what I thought they were and NO one ate them.
  • The white chocolate covered pretzels (and the nonpareils) were a hit. Note: yogurt covered pretzels and white chocolate covered pretzels are not the same thing.
  • With Bulk Foods you can get free shipping on all orders over $75. The website is hard to navigate, so just be patient.
  • I didn't want a HUGE candy buffet. With the 5 variations of candy, ordering 5 pounds of each was plenty. If you are going to have a wider variation of candy, you might want to consider ordering fewer pounds of each kind.
  • Guests did appreciate the candy bar. I got a lot of compliments on it. You have to remember that even though you may hear about candy bars all the time through blogs and wedding magazines, the majority of people at your wedding will probably have never seen one before and it will be "new" to them.
  • Make sure you know what you are getting into with a candy bar. I cannot stress enough that they are NOT cheap. Most will probably run you over $150 for just the candy alone. Add in the vases/jars and the paper and ribbon if you decide to label each jar with its contents and you could be looking at $350 easily.


Adrienne said...

Wow - thanks for the heads up! We are hoping to do a candy bar (if we go with the cake instead of the ice cream bar). I wasn't sure what they would cost, so this helps! Also, I was worried that by the time my wedding got here this would be old news, so it's good to hear that it was such a hit!

Gossip. Style. Wed. said...

Okay, I'm just going to come out with it. I may, or may not have, eaten like seven handfuls of the white pareil chocolate drops. I'm not sorry I did it though, because it was delicious. Thanks for my late night sugar fix :)

Candice said...

Love love loved the candy bar, the white was so beautiful and the photos you grabbed of it are so beautiful! Nice work!

Miss G said...

Jessica, it's fun to hear your recap of it. I just posted a recap of my chairs.

I did a lollipop bar. Our colors were orange and blue and I had blue rock candy and orange lollipops in the shape of an R for our last name.

My husband (still sooo fun to say) stuck all those R's in a piece of robin's egg blue polka dotted wrapping paper covered styrofoam. They were spaced evenly apart and looked great. I bought two apothecary jars at Marshall's for $9.99 each. They held the cotton candy flavored rock candy. I made labels on my computer with paper leftover from various wedding projects and hung with ribbon I picked up somewhere along the way.

I loved the way it looked. I haven't had a whole lot of guests comment to me about it so I'm not sure what they thought. I think there were two factors involved for us in it not being maybe as big a deal.

1) our reception was a dessert reception with bride's and groom's cake, different kinds of pie, gelato, cotton candy and a whole buffet spread of special desserts brought by family and friends. That table was the biggest hit! I think people were sugared out by the time they got to the candy buffet in the foyer.

2) for various reasons people had to leave before the candy buffet got all set up and ready to go I think

Anyway, glad I did it . . . am enjoying the leftover candy myself and plan to hand out the R lollipops to my little students who will come trick or treating! They will think that's really cool! Kelly


I cant wait to see a picture of yours! Please do another post about it when you get your shots! I would love to see your jars.. I am also doing a candy buffet! I have most of my jars but not my candy yet.. I am going to go for a ALL GREEN bar.. what are you thoughts?!

Mrs. in May said...

This is a great review, I love the honesty. I was thinking about not having a full candy bar but since our reception is in a mansion with lots of little rooms having little bits of candy in jars throughout.
Who doesn't love candy? (Besides my tight jeans!)

Chrissy said...

I should have read your blog earlier. I love it!
Thanks for this post. I'd like to do a candy bar and plan to buy my candy in bulk whenever I go shopping. And I'll use vases and table light glasses.

un-bride said...

What a great review/breakdown. I found some great apothacary jars at Ross' after-Christmas sale. I've noticed that with all things wedding, it's the shipping that'll break you.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the tips! Great advice!

Zane Wooder said...

I always enjoyed the wedding cake at weddings. My mom told me weddings are boring but I think they are fun.