Thursday, March 19, 2009

Giddy Bachelorette

To say that I'm just a tad bit busy for the next few months would be an understatement. Being an auditor at the end of busy season, running a fairly brand new business {that is bursting at the seams with business}, maintaining two blogs and attempting to be a newlywed & purchase a home has left me just a little tired. So, instead of leaving you high and dry without a blog post, I thought that I would share some of my favorite blog posts from my other little blog, penned & pretty, with you over the next few days.
This penned & pretty post features my favorite bachelorette invitation of all time.

The feathers, the fishnet stockings and the glamour of it all make for one eye catching invitation, don't you think!?

p.s. Once you order them, go ahead and send these little lovelies over to Penned & Pretty to have the blanks filled in with some of the prettiest calligraphy your little heart can imagine!

"The Lauren" bachelorette invitation via Giddy Ink


LauraAnn said...
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LauraAnn said...

Would it be inappropriate for me to order these bachelorette invites for my own bachelorette party?!? haha!


Kiana said...

OMG, these are amazing! I love them - so fun!

Kyla said...

OMG I LOOOOOVE these!! So cute:)

Wedding Corner said...

There are so cute and unique!!
Love them!


Hayley Mae said...