Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green: I Tried

In honor of St. Patty's Day, I attempted to write a post centered around the color green. But wouldn't you know that when you scour your favorite photographers blogs looking for a certain color, its near impossible to find something you love.
I decided to go back in the archives of a photographer that I only started to follow about a month ago, leo patrone. If you have not already been to his blog, go now. You are in for quite the treat {almost as good as the green beer I'm sure some of you will partake in this evening. }.
My eyes landed on the delicate little green button mums in a charming white vase.
Then came this beauty. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. This green bouquet is to-die-for. Don't you think?! And then I saw her bracelet in the picture above. And I was even more in love. Check out how the bride and groom incorporated teal into their day:

And you know that I am not one to leave you without a picture of the shoes the bride wore. Aren't they lovely?!
I hope that you enjoyed this this green-ish {i tried!} post in honor of St. Patrick's Day!
p.s. you can see the whole wedding here.


LauraAnn said...

That bracelet is to die for! Love it!


Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love those shoes. Adorable and teal is one of my favorite colors.