Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Effortless Beauty

I am always a little giddy when I stumble upon a local photographer with a portfolio that makes my heart pitter patter. The lovely April Foster posted this gorgeous wedding by Amanda Wilcher and I was hooked. It took me all of about two seconds to scan Amanda Wilcher's blog before my little eyes landed on the wedding of Andy & Emily. Once again, I was hooked and I think that you'll see why.

I'll give you an extra minute or so to pry your eyes off of the bride's gorgeous dress. Warning: the next photo is equally gorgeous and it features the darling couple, Andy & Emily. The photographer, Amanda dubbed these children the "Ralph Lauren" children. I couldn't have come up with a better description. They are just too adorable.
My heart always does a little pitter patter when I see bridesmaids in something other than traditional {plain vanilla} bridesmaids dresses. These dresses are just divine. And re-wearable, naturally. These next two photos are a bride's dream. The most beautiful bridal portraits that just sort of unfolded before the photographer's eyes as they were making their way up a staircase.
Talk about effortless beauty.
This last photo is a favorite of mine for so many reasons: the lighting, the angles, the picket fence and, of course, a couple so clearly in love.
It was so difficult to select just a few favorites from this wedding. You must see the rest at Amanda's blog here.
Images used with permission from the fabulous photographer Amanda Wilcher.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Beautiful wedding and couple!

Love the new backround!

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Those kids are so Ralph Lauren kids! Great shots!

:::Lyzz::: said...

Love the new look on the blog.

Ashley said...

Love it!! That dress is amazing, especially with the blue sash in the last few pics. Amazing!

Loving the new blue blog :)

NuFlaiir said...

Those images are absolutely gorgeous.
Love that dress...breathless!!