Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There are lots of things that I am thankful for, not just around the holidays, but throughout the year. I am thankful for the 23 short years that I was able to spend with my Dad. I am thankful that my Mom is not only my Mom, but a friend. I am thankful {and grateful} for a group of 10 women that have come into my life over the past seven years. I am thankful for the men & women serving in the armed forces. I am thankful that my husband and I have decent jobs and our bank account can afford my tri-weekly trips to Target. I am thankful for my little calligraphy business, penned and pretty and for this little blog {& it's readers} too. I am thankful that my husband and I have been blessed with over a year of marriage and have many more years together. And I am always, always, thankful for family.


Nicole said...

beautiful post! when did you get pictures taken? LOVE THIS PIC

Miss T said...

That photo is so lovely.

I have been engaged since May 2008, and reading you for most of that time. I never really commented because I didn't have a blog. But I remember reading when your Father died. And I wish I had said something at the time. That someone on the other side of the world to you was thinking of you.

Mr B's father passed away a little over ten years ago now when he was just 19. I know how hard it is for him at big life events, his 30th birthday was rough, and I know he thinks of him more now that our wedding is approaching.

This is a lovely post, and I hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving.

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Great post and gorgeous photo!

Candice said...

Super cute photo I am loving the boots