Friday, November 6, 2009

The Perfect Fall Bouquet

When I lived in Indianapolis, I worked with this little red head with a soft laugh and a welcoming smile. As you'll see, that little red head became a radiant bride this past October and Nicole Green {my favorite photographer} was there to capture her gorgeous day.

There was nothing, nothing {alright, perhaps the bride herself!} more beautiful than the bouquet that Kathryn held throughout the day. Be still my heart. The perfect fall bouquet:
Plum Shoes will always hold a special place in my heart. Kathryn's were just as adorable.
Kathryn, you were such a beautiful bride! I love this picture of the two of you. It's absolutely a "framer."

Kathryn gave each of the bridesmaids an adorable pashmina to wrap around their shoulders throughout the day since the middle of October can be a little chilly in the Midwest. Besides the flowers, I think that they were my favorite little detail of the day. The golden hue of the pashminas compliment the fall color scheme perfectly!
I love how Kathryn's bouquet pops against the white wall in the picture below. Like I said before, it was and is the perfect fall bouquet.
I'm always up for a good ring shot and Nicole always does such a beautiful job with them. Maybe I'll post mine for all of you to see next week. Until then, here is Kathryn's gorgeous ring atop Scott's ring and some beautiful fall foliage. All pictures taken by the lovely Nicole Green and used with expressed permission.
p.s. Kathryn was a Penned & Pretty client. Nicole was gracious enough to send over a picture of the place cards that I penned with my calligraphy for Kathryn's wedding reception. You can see it at Penned & Pretty by clicking right here!


LauraAnn said...

I love fall bouquets because of the color combos! I absolutely love that bouquet!

The escort cards look great Jess! :-)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Beautiful wedding..

From Marriage to Motherhood said...

Stunning fall wedding!! She was a radiant bride...and that!!

Mrs. Bear said...

What a pretty wedding! My friend is getting married next fall and I am definitely passing these photos on as inspiration for her =0) Thanks for sharing!

Scott said...

Thanks for posting our pics Jessica - and for the record we chose Nicole as the photographer for our wedding mainly due to your engagement and wedding pics!!

Kathryn and Scott

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Love those colors! Gorgeous bouquet!