Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Gorgeous Friend Turned Gorgeous Bride: Part 1

I had a friend in high school named Jessica. She was beautiful, outgoing and had an infectious smile. As you'll see, not much has changed. Jessica got married a few months ago and my jaw dropped when I saw the pictures of her wedding day. I know you'll love them as much as I do.

For starters, meet Jessica. A gorgeous friend and a gorgeous bride.
Jessica got ready for her day in a rustic cabin. My favorite shot of her getting ready was this one in which she was carefully putting a flower in her hair as her best friend looked on.

Naturally, my gorgeous friend would marry a gorgeous guy. Meet Steve:
I have to say that some of my favorite shots of the bridal party are of the groomsmen. I love their vests and boutonnieres {to be seen in the next post}, their chuck taylor shoes {below} and the fact that they were genuinely having fun together. You just don't' see that all too often.
Not to be outdone, the bridesmaids were full of smiles too.
Jessica and Steve were married in northern Michigan at Point Betsie Lighthouse. The venue, and the area around it, provided hills, sand dunes, water and an all around perfect place to say your vows and take your wedding photos.
One of my many favorites. More of the beautiful venues and ceremony images to come tomorrow!!

The photographer that so beautifully captured Jessica and Steve's wedding day is the talented Ben Williams of ben williams weddings . Pictures used with expressed permission.


Jennifer said...

Jessica is beautiful! Ben Williams truly captured the real Jessica. The whole family looks amazing.

Emily Anne said...

BEAUTIFUL! :-) Looks so sweet.

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Very pretty!!

Miss T said...

Love the shoes! She is so so pretty