Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How We Met

I thought that the next snippet I should share is the story of how Chris and I met. It was my senior year of college and my good friend Angie and I decided on a whim to drive 2 hours to Cincinnati, OH to see a Rascal Flatts concert together. So, on 9/9/05 off we went on a little road trip. I had called my sorority sister Melissa, who moved to Cincinnati, to arrange a place for us to stay for the night. The concert was amazing and Angie and I were glad that we had embarked on our adventure together. We called Melissa after the concert and found out that she was still babysitting. So, naturally we decided to take in the Cincinnati nightlife while we were waiting on Melissa. The task at hand, which Angie eagerly accepted, was to get directions to the Cincinnati bars from a group of guys. After one or two failed attempts, we spotted a group of three good looking men just waiting to be talked to. In traditional "Angie" fashion, she wasted no time approaching them. As luck (fate) would have it, they were looking for a ride to the bars since they had been dropped off by friends before the concert. After passing some time in the crowded parking lot waiting to leave by playing volleyball, we were off to the bars. I sat in the back seat, next to Chris and he put is arm around me and we started talking...and didn't stop. We were inseperable the rest of the night, sharing stories, laughs, and our first kiss. And here we are, almost 2 years later!

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Andrea said...

New reader here....absolutely adorable story of how you too met :)