Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The First Post

I am so excited to begin my first post! I have started this blog for two purposes:
1. To document the process that I will go through from becoming a fiance to becoming a wife.
2. To potentially become a blogger on , a site that I have already come to know and love.
Purpose #1 (the main purpose) came about after seeing a skinny book at Borders claiming to allow one to document the engagment process. PLEASE! As if the "engagement process" can be documented within 30 pages. Thus, my blog idea was somewhat born.
Purpose #2: Although I am not yet engaged, I am already obsessed with planning my wedding. One day I happily stumbled upon a "blog" at which I now visit frequently. Over the past month it has become my deepest desire to become a blogger (or a "bee" as the site calls it) on the site and to do so, I need to first become a blogger first myself.

So, over the next year I intend to update this blog daily with my thoughts and experiences. I hope to look back at it in a couple of years when I am still happily married and reminise on the wonderfuul journey that I took in becoming a finance to a bride.

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