Thursday, August 23, 2007

About Us

Today I will talk a little bit about...myself!
I was born in Ft. Wayne, IN and moved to Indianapolis, IN to go to college at Butler University. At Butler University I was a member of Delta Gamma, ran on the cross-country team my freshman year, and had the time of my life. I majored in accounting and spent a lot of hours with my nose in the books. After graduating with my bachelor's, I went right back to Butler for another year to obtain my Masters degree. The summer after that year was spent studying, again, for the CPA exam. So far, I am proud to report that I have passed 2 parts of the exam!!
I will begin work in the professional world in September, working for a publilc accounting firm as a staff auditor. From there, who knows where I will end up, but I am excited about the journey ahead! Currently, I enjoy NOT studying, spending time with friends, and spiltting my time on the weekends between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, where Christopher lives.
Tomorrow, or later tonight, I will post a little somethin' about my better half!

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