Friday, August 24, 2007

About Us...Again!

The love of my life is Christopher. He's currently 26 years old and residing in Cincinnati, OH. Chris is the youngest of 4 children and was born and raised in Cincinnati. He attended the University of Cincinnati on a golf scholarship and majored in civil engineering. He currently works for a small civil engineering firm that has high hopes for his management potential!
Chris has many hobbies that keep him busy throughout the week. He is on a baseball league, two softball leagues, and a sub for a golf league. On the weekends he enjoys wakeboarding at any lake that he can find (in the summer!), spending time at the pool in his backyard, and seeing his beautiful girlfriend! =)
Thats the short and sweet version. Since he still doesn't know that I'm blogging about him, I'll keep it to a minimum until I have the courage to tell him!

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