Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am thisclose to placing an order from bulk foods to stock our candy bar at the reception with the following:

  • -Hershey's Kiss (5 pounds)
  • 72 White Swizzle Sticks (Rock Candy on a stick)
  • White Jordan Almonds (5 pounds)
  • White Nonpareli Chocolate Drops (5 pounds)

Here's the thing. With only 11 days to go before the wedding, I am still unsure of the whole candy bar idea. Let's pro/con it...


  • Those 4 candies would cost me $88.77. Even then I would want to go to another website and order the white gummy bears which would cost me another $30.00. Plus little bags for people to scoop the candy into. All of this=expensivo.
  • We could be putting that $100 we would spend in candy towards something for us.
  • If we didn't do the candy bar then we wouldn't really have a "favor" to give our guests. But then again, do you really consider giving someone a little candy a worthy "favor" for them?


  • BM K To already has 5 vases/jars with scoops that I can use.
  • The candy can be here within 2-3 days
  • 75% of guests will be staying in the hotel adjacent to the reception hall. Because of this I think that will stay a little later to celebrate and therefore might want a little somethin' to snack on.
  • The candy bar is a great addition to a wedding reception for the following: Most of your {older} guests will not have heard of the concept of a candy bar so to them its a fresh little detail. The kids will love it. The 20-30 somethings will devour it.

That's the short and sweet of it. What are your thoughts? Is it worth the money for a cute detail? Or should we forgo the sweets?
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Anonymous said...

i'm Pro candy buffet. (i'm planning on doing it at my own) one thing we're gonna do is add in nuts and maybe other snacks to offset the candy, plus it's cheaper. i've actually compared alot of places and we're going with & definitely shop around for an hour or two on the web... the prices can vary a ton.

if you don't decide to do this i wouldn't worry about it. i've been to a couple of wedding where there were no favors and it wasn't a big deal.

good luck!

*Michelle said...

I love the idea of giving your guests something to nosh on... but maybe pretzels or something that might satiate a little more than candy?
That being said - if you love it, go for it. If its really a toss up - decide and hand it off to a bridesmaid or family member - NO MORE ADDING TO YOUR TO DO LIST CHICKA!!!

Kelly said...

I say forget it. Since you don't have the logisitics of it figured out yet, it will only add to the stress.

I had some projects I sort of wanted to do in the last week, but decided against them and I'm glad I did. I was so glad that for the week leading up to the wedding, all I had to do was assemble programs and make the seating chart.

I was able to relax and enjoy time with my friends and family which was so great!

Adrienne said...

I LOVE the idea of it and was actually planning to do this as well. However I had not priced it and didn't realize it was that expensive for candy, geez! However, I still really like the idea and I think if you have the time and energy for it (or a willing BM) you should go for it! There are so many things you can do to make it cute!

Abbie said...

The candy will be eaten for sure... but honestly, three out of four weddings I've been to this year have not had favors and I don't think anyone noticed... except me b/c I'm planning a wedding!

Pretty Bride said...

I love the candy bar as well... it's just fun... but the truth is that no one misses it if it's not there... you can't lose!

Tiffany said...

I love the candy buffet idea! In fact I was planning to have a candy buffet at my wedding, also on the 27th. However a candy buffet for 200 people quickly went WAY outside of my favor budget! Instead we are going to prepackage jelly belly's into little take out boxes. It will still be cute and will cost half as much!

Lyndsy said...

I loved our candy buffet! it was nice that people got to take some candy back to the bar with them and also much after the cake and dinner. Plus in pictures it really is just too cute for words! Good luck!

heather said...

PRO candy bar :)

Miss G said...

going against the grain here . . . I would say skip it. You have enough to do, leave yourself room to just enjoy. Take that for what it's worth and if you would miss it or would really enjoy it, go for it. I scaled down to just lollipops, the rock candy swizzle stick ones and ones of our initial. Kelly

Prep-E Girl said...

Have you tried going to a restaurant supply company for the candy?

When my parents owned the ice cream parlor, we always got candy for toppings and it seems much cheaper than the prices you're quoting.

A lot of supply companies have a "store front" that you can by directly from.

Might not hurt to try it!


Cassandra said...

I say forget it too. There is pressure to do these sorts of things for your wedding, but I promise no one will feel sad if it's not there. It's not worth the stress and money this late in the game to add something to be "unique" - especially since it's not that unique anymore! I had to have a sensible bridesmaid talk me away from the candy bar ledge a few times too because the wedding pressure kept making me feel it would be the best ever, but I'm glad, two weeks out, that I don't have to worry about THAT too.

Timmytoughguy said...


Zane Wooder said...

If I had a wedding and I had to plan out candy's or chocolates I would just buy them from the store. It's just easier that way.