Saturday, March 22, 2008

Veiled Options

When I was searching for my dress, I cringed every time the associate assisting me would stick a veil into my hair. Actually, it was more like she stabbed the veil into my head. Hasn't every bride experienced this kind of pain?! I see it as a right of passage. Regardless, a couple of months ago I wasn't even sure if I wanted to wear a veil on the big day. I didn't want to be trapped behind mosquito netting while walking down the aisle and I wanted to avoid any sort of veil that looked like a giant marshmallow around my head. I was indifferent as to the length as long as it wasn't too short.

And then I saw these pictures via the ritzy bee blog:

I'll take that exact veil, please! I'm planning on pinning mine underneath my "updo" and having it flow down instead of pinning it anywhere near the top of my updo/head in order to minimize any chance of a "poof"/halo effect around my head.

My dress doesn't have as long of a train as I really wanted, so perhaps a longer veil would give off the look that I wanted, especially for the ceremony. And then, the veil will come off for the reception. Thoughts? Will the long veil give the illusion of a longer train or will it take away from the back of the dress? Are you/did you take off your veil for the reception?


theselittlemoments said...

My veil is finger tip length and will be worn low on my head because I am SO anti-poof. When I bought it I thought about getting a long one instead, but I want to try and wear mine as long as possible so I went for shorter.

I really want to wear it until it's not comfortable anymore. I think it just completes the bride look, you know?

Tara said...

i had the same feeling when the sales ladies plopped on one of those overly poofy veils- ick.

but i did get a veil that sits higher and frames my face it is just standard fullness to avoid overdone poofing. and it long. and I am absolutely taking if off after the ceremony!

Zane Wooder said...

I didn't think that getting ready for your wedding was suppose to cause you physical pain. It's tough being a girl.