Friday, February 22, 2008

Because I Can

Because I can, today's post will be filled with inspiring images of "this and that." Some eye candy, if you will.

I received such a great response on my Ring Shot post the other day that I put together another one! My favorites are the pink and the blue in the middle. Breathtaking.

(evoke, nicole green, evoke, apertura photo, the brides cafe, evoke)

I think it would be neat to blow it up your ring shot onto a canvas or putting it into an oversize frame and hanging it on a wall in your home. Ours will be on display for sure.

Definitely enjoying this low centerpiece arrangement shot by Jennifer Skog . I was originally going with white centerpieces. Now, of course, I am changing my mind.

Erin over at Lucky Me! had this invitation designed (by her Mom!) for her baby shower. I'm totally ripping it off for our save the dates (the magnet idea is out. tear.) Our picture will replace the damask on the right and then all the save the date info will take up the other 2/3 of the invite. Get excited!

The socks, people. We need to find these socks. ASAP. This shot (by Jose Villa) WILL be recreated at our wedding. The socks are imperative to make the shot work, but I cannot find them. Help!?


Candice said...

You can find argile socks anywhere. Banana Republic always sells some fun colors as does JCrew and sometimes Express for men. If you want really bright argile socks I would check out the men's section of H&M.

Lisa from Blush said...

I'm a huge fan of the ring shot, nice collection! Love the socks. Love.

Mark said...

Wow, those socks are harder to find than I thought.

The best I could do was white and pink from this site:

Hopefully that helps!

nicole green said...

guess who is excited about the sock shot!? ;D i'll keep an eye out and let you know if i find some! .. and by the way, the save the dates are going to look great! i cannot wait to see them! :)

Ms. Pink n Green said...

Try J.crew, They may not have the exact colors but they usually have a ton

Cassandra said...

I found GREAT (78 different color combos!) argyle socks at

Liz said...

I have some similar socks that I got this winter from Kohls... great website Jessica!