Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Locket for the Bouquet

I always knew that on my wedding day I would hand-tie a locket to my bouquet with the pictures of my grandparents inside. It is one of the details that I won't overlook or forgo.

The locket can be placed on the very front of the bouquet, like the one in the picture above. Or it can be hidden under the petals and facing the bride. However its done, its a sweet way to honor important people in your life that cannot physically join you for your big day.

(the preppy wedding)

{Update: See Mrs. Magnolias' bouquet lockets here }


April said...

I love the locket's one of those personalized touches that really makes the day special

Jessica said...

Have you found any place online that sells these?

m+b said...

I'm doing this as well!
I bought this:
It holds four photos so I can include my fiances grandparents too. It's even prettier in person.