Thursday, February 28, 2008

Corks & Labels

This post is for one of my best friends, Kristen who is going to be the first of "us" to get married in May. Kristen is going to use wine corks to hold her escort/place cards and I thought of her when I saw this:

Knottie ibekatieg was behind the above escort card holders and she also came up with one of THE neatest ideas for a “guestbook." She brought in 5 bottles of their favorite wines and asked each guest to sign the label of one of the bottles. For each of their first 5 wedding anniversaries, they will use one of the bottles to celebrate, and look back on their big day and the people who were there to celebrate it with them.

For more info and tips on how to pull off the wine guestbook, see this post.
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April said...

I just sent these pics to my one of my clients a couple of weeks ago - they collect corks. I love the idea of the corks for the escort card holders. Also, by using a pin to hold them on there are a lot less finger cuts than by trying to cut a slit in the cork.

Chitown Bride said...

I have totally mulled this over as an idea with the cork escort holders! I love it!