Monday, February 11, 2008

No Topper, Please

This is the picture of a cake first cake that I ever "saved" to my wedding file on my desktop. To this day, I am still in love with it.

(Jenn Skog's Cake by Juliet Nicole photography via Simply Sparkling Events)

Love the black ribbon, love the broach, love it all. I was so in love with it's simple beauty that I didn't even realize that something was missing....a cake topper! I guess I just assumed that every cake always has a topper. Some cakes are adorned with flowers, others with monogrammed initials, and even others with the traditional b&g statutes. But I must confess, I think I like my cake without a topper.

I searched the knot and found the cakes above sans a cake topper and I think they all turned out ok. What do you think...must a cake have a topper?


Angela said...

I love the cakes without toppers. I am thinking I'll go that way too.

Linda said...

I agree. No topper. You don't really need one.

Darci said...

Agreed, you don't always need a topper. I like the way all those cakes look without!

Elizabeth said...

I'm going topless!!

The Future Misses said...

We're not using a topper. I think it just depends on how much of your personality you want to incorporate in your cake.