Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Mother of the Bride

In honor of Mother's Day, I have been saving this comical post:
backstory: We bought "dress #1" months ago. Mom pranced around the fitting room area for AT LEAST 30 minutes in it while on-looker after on-looker poured on the compliments of how great she looked. It was getting out of the point where she was "worried" that she might upstage me on my big day. Mom returned dress #1 a few weeks later because it apparently showed too much skin. "Dress #2" was bought after the same amount of people ohh-ed and ahhh-ed over my Mother at the department store. It looks just as good as "dress #1" and is now THE one. With that in mind....

I was talking to my Mommy the other day about all things wedding related when she let it slip that she was at the mall the other day looking for a "Mother of the Bride" (MOB) dress.

First of all, let's have a little gander at Mommy:

(she looks harmless, doesn't she?)

You can imagine my SHOCK when Mommy said she was looking again for dresses since I thought we had found THE ONE for her. Her response just about forced me sit down in the middle of the sidewalk in downtown Indianapolis and take a breather in fear of having a mini-bridezilla moment.

She said: "Well, I might just get two dresses. One for the ceremony and one for the reception."


Mommy was just kidding. But STIIIIIILL. A two dress Bride? Yes. Two dress Mother of the Bride? Not so much.
I'm all about letting Mommy shine on the big day....she just has to shine a tad duller than me.


theselittlemoments said...

Hahaha moms! My mom is freaking out about the dress she orded because she can't remember exactly what it looked like. I had to find it online and send it to her and be like see! Beautiful! They're so funny.

Candice said...

Your mom is cute!!!