Friday, May 23, 2008

My Letterpop: Issues 1 and 2

If you haven't heard about letterpop, you are missing out my friends. For a bride-to-be this is a great way to send out information to your bridesmaids without using the traditional "plain and boring" e-mail. For wedding planners think of it as a way to communicate with your brides-to-be in the months before their weddings. Send out tips and tricks, info on upcoming bridal shows, and exciting news about your business.

Here are front page screen shots of the first two "issues" of the newsletter to our bridesmaids:


April said...

Super cute!!! Love it.

miab02 said...


Soooo thought i would give a little...what not to say at your bacherolette party quote:

(In vegas before noon wearing a baithing suite, veal, and haning out a suv)
"I know your all thinking, why me? why am I getting married?! welll you know I have Slept With MANY men!! and I'm OVER IT! exactly 32 in 10 years!"

-a vinecian hotel-goer