Sunday, May 18, 2008

What I Learned: Wedding #1

Chris and I went to the first out of five weddings occurring this summer. Attending this wedding was different than before. Why? Because I was no longer just an observer/guest. No. I was there as a sponge. To soak up any and all ideas that I could. To learn from the good and the bad and the potentially not-so-organized.

  • At the rehearsal....there needs to be actual rehearsing.
  • Buttons fall off of Men's Warehouse tuxedos. Emergency kits save the day.
  • Remember to hold your soon-to-be-spouse's hand during the ceremony. You'll both be nervous and it's nice to have some support!
  • Cut the cake or allow for speeches while guests are eating dinner...this allows for more dancing later in the night because all of the "formalities" are out of the way.
  • Guests will appreciate it if you greet them at some point during the day whether it be thru a receiving line or just going from table to table at the reception.
  • Limit slideshows to three to four minutes. Any longer and guests attention will be diverted.
  • A really good DJ is important...and one that teaches the Cupid Shuffle will be a hit with the guests!
  • A shuttle from the hotel to the reception site and back is well worth the money.

Here are some other useful tips! emily styles advice via pearls events!

We took one picture at the reception. One. At it was a horrid one. My eyes were almost closed and Chris was decked out in cornflower blue bridal party attire. We will respectfully decline to post it.

Wedding #2 is next weekend....Kristen and Terry are sure to have one of THE most beautiful days in pressure!!


kristenvt02 said...

Thanks for the post! It's the little things that you mentioned that will help make the day that much better. I am taking alot of your advice. See you on Thursday! 2hour Grey's finale!

saundra, event engineer said...

ALL THE BUTTONS FALL OFF....if you don't have time, a safety pin right threw the little eye, fastened on the back works like a charm!

No needles and no bleeding!