Sunday, May 4, 2008


This is one of the first pictures I have seen of a bride at the reception without a bustled dress.

(picture via: The Brides Cafe)

Thought #1: Her dress is a-mazing

Thought #2: Does one have to bustle the dress at the reception? I never gave it a second thought since I assume that its easier to haul around a dress that is bustled v. a dress that's flowing on the on the floor (and subject to anyone and everyone stepping on it). Are you bustling your dress for your reception?

Thought #3: Can I bustle my dress BEFORE the ceremony, take pictures, UNBUSTLE my dress for the ceremony, and then REBUSTLE my dress for the reception? We want to take pictures around downtown Indianapolis before the ceremony and I would like the dress to be bustled. Could I just steam out the wrinkles before the ceremony!?



April said...

Unless you choose a first dance where you barely move, dancing will be close to impossible with out your dress bustled...but I agree about how beautiful the dress looks with it unbustled. hmmmmmm....

Stella Event Design said...

As far as bustling it before the ceremony, I think you will find your dress will wrinkle. Also, I think if you don't bustle you'll not only have trouble dancing, but you'll also find yourself being stepped on by the many people you'll be surrounded by!

theselittlemoments said...

I wouldn't bustle before the ceremony because you don't want to risk wrinkles. I'm going to bustle even though I don't have a long train for the reception because I dont' want to be stepped on all night!