Monday, November 24, 2008

How I Tied the Knot: Getting Ready

Previously in the post, tying the knot: getting ready, I shared some of my favorite pictures of when I was getting ready for our big day. Now, it's time to let you all in on how I did it and the lessons that I learned from that aspect of our wedding day. And, of course, some pretty pictures to display along the way!

Lessons learned #1. The hotel gave us the VP Suite for free for our wedding night. We booked it for the night before as well so that we would have it at 7am for the BM's and I to get ready in. Since we had 30 rooms booked at the hotel for the night of our wedding, we had the hotel bump us up to the Presidential Suite (with a living room, dining room, master suite, and full kitchen) for both nights, for free. It rocked.

Lessons learned #2. Do not, in the midst of all of the craziness of your wedding planning, forget to figure out what you are going to wear on the morning of your wedding! The night before the wedding I mentioned to my MOH that I had nothing "cute" that I could wear while I was getting my hair and make-up done. She rushed out to VS and bought me this cute little Sexy Little Bride tank top that went perfectly with my favorite pink sweatpants.

Lessons learned #3. Our schedule that morning didn't really allow for all the guys to get ready together. Chris actually ended up getting ready pretty much by himself and then going to hang out with some of his groomsmen. I regret not sending Nicole's assistant, Dan, over to snap a couple keepsake photos of Chris "getting ready" and putting on his cuff links or tying his tie. Don't forget to have your photographer grab some photos of your husband-to-be while he is getting ready.
Lessons learned #4. Your BM's are perfectly capable of doing their own hair. Don't force them all to pay $$$$ to get their hair done if there is no need for it. Candice and AJ (pictured below) along with Jenn and Kristen all did their own hair....and the results were gorgeous.I paid a little extra to have my hair stylist come to my bridal suite to do my hair (and my Mom's and 2 of the BM's), so all of my bridesmaids were able to get ready with me in the suite. I had the hair and make-up ladies come at 7:45. I was done with both by 10, got into my dress, and saw Chris at 10:45, right on schedule.

Lessons learned #5. Know where the top loop (that the clasp goes into) on your dress is. Not kidding. My alterations lady never mentioned to us that the top loop was made of STRING. We spent 5 minutes attempting to find the loop and ended up using a safety pin to hold it in place until after the first look when Candice came in and saved the day by finding the loop of string.

Lessons learned #6. Mimosa's are god's gift to brides. Indulge.

Lessons learned #7. My trial run and up-do on the day of cost me a total of $100. Make-up was something like $40. Don't let make-up and hair vendors charge you an arm and a leg just because you are "the bride". When it comes down to it, an up-do is an up-do. Search around town a little bit and you'll find vendors at a reasonable price that will make you as happy with your hair and make-up on your wedding day as I was:

Next in this series, "How I Tied the Knot: Our First Look"

all pictures by: nicole green. please link back to tying the knot when posting any of these pictures.


LauraAnn said...

The morning of was so much fun! Your hair and makeup turned out gorgeous!!! Not to mention I am sure you were in heaven in your tank top and sweat pants because we all know how much you love sweat pants!

A said...

Would you mind sharing the people who did your hair and makeup? I'm trying to find people in Indy who won't cost an arm and a leg! Many thanks :)

N. said...

My stepmom gave me the same tank at my bachelorette party, and it was the perfect thing to wear with my sweats the morning of!

Jessie said...

Thats a cute tank top! And your hair turned out really great.

Lyndsy said...

Your hair turned out so beautifully! I can't wait to see more pictures and I love the new header! Congrats again!

gracemejin said...

oooh! Thanks for the great insight and tips! And thanks for stopping by my blog. I like how you are still blogging about your wedding even tho it's over...I aspire to be a life long blogger myself :)