Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pew Cards

This post over at {my other little blog} Penned & Pretty was so loved that its getting posted here too, because I know you will all adore this idea.If you are looking for an easy and sneaky way to make sure that your loved ones get a front row seat during your ceremony, include these little {bride's side & groom's side} pew cards in the wedding invitations you send your closest family members. On the back, simply write a little with instructions to bring the pew card to the ceremony and hand it to an usher to obtain their VIP seating as you say your vows. Now that makes everyone happy, doesn't it?
found via: Twig & Thistle here


Jessica said...

Thats a sweet idea!

Julia said...

that's really sweet!

just out of curiosity, what is the tradition regarding this round your way? in NZ close family sitting at the front is a given... the other day Dave and I were playing some music in a wedding ceremony, and prior to our bit were told to sit in the front pew - it was so different to usual that we felt really uncomfortable through the whole thing!!