Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How I Tied the Knot: Sexy Little Bride

I have to confess, I didn’t really have it all together in the days leading up to our wedding. There was a seating chart to assemble, vendor e-mails to return, and programs to be put together. The day before our wedding we packed the car of all the goodies that needed to be taken down to the hotel for the reception and ceremony. I had packed my overnight bag the week before with my bridal jewelry, clothes for the day after the wedding, etc. But I realized I had forgotten something. I had nothing to wear the morning of our wedding. You know, for the three + hours I would be getting ready in the bridal suite.

I always wanted a Victoria’s Secret “Sexy Little Bride” hoodie {which, by the way, VS stopped making recently!?!}, but always thought that it was a liiiitttle too expensivo for this little bride. As our wedding planning progressed, I kind of forgot about searching for what I would wear the morning of…..until the day before our wedding.

Once I realized I had nothing to wear, Debbie {being the wonderful Maid of Honor that she was} literally RAN to VS and surprised me later that day with the cutest Sexy Little Bride tank top that I could have ever asked for. What was even better is that I could war it with my favorite pair of VS Pink sweatpants.

{please excuse the black & white image...its the only one that I have!}

Lesson learned #30: Do take some time to think about what you will wear the morning of your wedding while you are getting ready. Make sure that you are comfortable! Sweatpants/comfy capris are highly recommended.

Lesson learned #31: A Maid of Honor is good for more than just holding your bouquet while you say your vows. She can also serve as an errand runner that prevents a minor panic attack.

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Candice said...

I am getting close to my final days and am getting nervous this is surely something I would have forgotten but don't worry...I just forwarded this post on....thanks for guiding me. I'd be lost without your advise!

Adrienne said...

I already have my "Bride" tank packed away in my closet just waiting for me to pull it out! I can't wait!!! I agree you need to have something cute to wear that morning. :)

Elyzabeth said...

A very good point!

Luckily I had made my "Bride" shirt as well as all the bridesmaids shirts for my girls. Everybody was sporting their cute shirt on the day of as well as during the rehearsal dinner. I love it!

Cyd said...

I really super hope I get one of those cute tanks at some a gift or as a gift to myself! ;-)