Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Box & a Stand

Laura Novak, as in THE Laura Novak, got married not too long ago in which can only be describes as what looks like one of THE most fabulous weddings of the year.
Two of my favorite details from the big day were, ironically enough, her card box and the “stands” for the table centerpieces at the reception.

Her card box appears to be just a normal box, but it was so beautifully designed and put together that I know all of her guests stopped to marvel at it as they passed by it.

It looks like I’ll be in search for some textured plum fabric in the near future so we can make ours look half as attractive.

And the girl, or her decorator, is a genius in dreaming up this idea to hoist her centerpieces about 6-9 inches off of the table. In sticking with her damask-themed d├ęcor, she used these cylinders to boost her centerpieces off the table. L-o-v-e. I'm thinking about using the same concept to make our "tall" centerpieces "taller."

(photo via Jessica Claire)

Read more about her big day here and in Jessica Claire's blog.


Julia said...

Cute wedding! I had the same idea with my centerpieces [and I SWORE that was my original idea. Oh well, I hadn't seen it before, but of course it's all been done before.]

I wrapped hat boxes in paper and then set my centerpieces on top of them. I liked how it added height without being too tall. You can see my version of this in my planning bio [right column of my blog]. It was pretty easy, too.

nicole green said...

i cannot wait to see what you come up with! :)