Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bloggity Chit Chat

Dear My Little Bloggity Blog,
We need to have a little chit-chat. Over the past months I have filled you with little thoughts and images of what I want our big day to look like and feel like. The images have come from afar, mostly swiped from other glorious blogs. And I cannot help but fill you up with said images, like these little gems:

(image via Jose Villa)

(image via Jose Villa)

But here’s the problem. I’ve got too many pretty little images floating around in my head and on my computer and in the obnoxious amount of bridal magazines I own. I don’t even know how I sleep at night because the images and ideas are constantly swirling around in my head, begging me to incorporate them in my wedding, or at least feature them on my blog.

So here is where you come in. I need you to be more than a blog. I need you to take all of these pretty little images and turn them into reality for my wedding. For example, I have been looking for raspberry or plum striped or argyle socks for the Groom since the day I saw the pictures below. Please have them magically appear in my mailbox or at a store near me.

(images via The Brides Cafe and Jose Villa)

Further, if you could make my venue look like this, I would appreciate it.

(Michelle Walker Photography)

Oh, and if you could find/build some sort of rooftop lounge in downtown Indianapolis so we can get some shots like this, I would be in debt to you eternally.

(image via Jasmine Star )

I know it’s a big task for a little blog, but I have faith. Get to work.


Katie said...

I love your post! This fits me to the tee. If by magic your blog grants all of your wishes could you send it my way too. Thanks! Oh, and engagement pictures by the lake will be amazing. You really can't go wrong with that background.

Cassandra said...

Bellissima Vita said...

You could always get married at the Calistoga Ranch wine cave then I can DOC your wedding :)

jessica lynn said...

BV: oh if only i could have my reception at the wine cave and have you as my DOC, i would not be able to stop smiling!! :)

cassandra: i remember you giving me this link before and I really want to get the socks from there. but fiance is worried that they will be too hot because they are so tall....

Anonymous said...

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Cassandra said...

Ha! I couldn't remember if I'd given you the link before - didn't mean to be pushy about it. :)

Crystal said...

I hear you on the wedding thoughts going through your head at night! Sometimes as I'm trying to go to sleep, I suddenly start to think about something I could add of change for my upcoming wedding. Good luck with finalizing all your plans! I'm in the same boat in trying to find colors--mine are khaki and blush.

The Bona Fide Preppy Bride said...

Amen sister. It's like you took these words right out of my in-the-wedding-zone brain... and I have 13 more months of this!