Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I can't remember where exactly I first saw a picture of the bridal party from the neck down. All I know is that I am a fan of such a picture. And I want one. See below.

(image via: bobbi + mike ) love. it.

Below is possibly one of my favorite photos. It's clearly not posed, but you can see the vibrant bouquets, the attention towards the bride, and the cute BM shoes!

(image via: jessica strickland)

I love the character of each of the guys that you can see thru this photo:

(image via: bobbi + mike)

And one of just the bride to show off her dress, bouquet, and veil:

(image via: nicole green)

Are you a fan of the headless photos? I hope to see a few in the pictures Nicole shoots of us on our big day...other than that I'm pretty sure our smiling faces will be grabbing the attention of the camera!


aletha @ pearls events said...

I enjoy these shots!

Tara said...

i am not sure if i like the 'headless' shots or not... i think i prefer where it is like waist down if doing this... it is kind of 'artsy' but i don't think they would be my favorites for my own wedding.