Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Negative on the Cake Balls

So some of you might remember this post where I swore up and down that I had found the favors our guests would be chomping on.

Mouthwatering, aren't they? I attempted to actually make them this weekend. I enlisted the help of 3 of my friends for at least 3 hours. It was quite the ordeal. They came out far from perfect, but cute nonetheless. Not so much mouthwatering.Regardless, it would be near impossible (and quite stressful) for me to make them the night before the wedding.
Back to square one.
I am still loving the candy buffet idea. Aren't we all?

And then today enjoy: {the blog} featured Karen Smallbone these adorable candy tubes! I wouldn't even have to bother with the candy buffet as these favors could be left on/at the place setting of each guest!

So who knows where I can get these for all of about $.10 a piece v. the $1.00+ Karen Smallbone wants to charge?

Are you using creative containers for your favors?


A Windy City Wedding said...

here they are about .59 each, minimum of 100

Candice said...

Love the candy tube idea!

theselittlemoments said...

We're doing miniature maple sugar candies in the shape of leaves. I was probably just going to put them in tulle or cellophane bags but now you've got me thinking!

Linda said...

We did ones in the same realm of those for my shower:


My BMs said it was super easy and everyone loved them! You can get all sorts of plastic packages from Papermart.com

rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...


They may not have the exact tubes, but they have a lot of beautiful containers.

Zane Wooder said...

I'd love to eat those chocolate treats but I'm a diet and I don't want to get fat.