Thursday, April 3, 2008

Poll: Poof Balls....or No?


By now you all should have seen the planning bio and the married bio of VintageGlam99 on the knot. And you should have visited her bios more than once, drooled over them, and wondered how her wedding could have possibly cost less than $15,000. Because I did.

So I come to you today requesting your help. VintageGlam99 decorated the chairs of her ceremony site with these adorable tissue paper pom poms :
How charming! I love love love them. I haven't blogged about it yet, but I was thinking about letting our ceremony site go bare as far as pew decorations are concerned. The church itself is so radiant and breathtaking that I'm not so sure if it needs any decorations drummed up by yours truly. Here's a picture of our church:

(photo via bobbi + mike)

I would do white pom poms with plum ribbons maybe on every other pew. And here are the pros and cons of the pom pom poof balls, as I see it:

Pros: affordable. super cute. a fun project shared with BMs and a couple bottles of wine on a Thursday night. necessary...i feel like everyone EXPECTS there to be pew decorations.

Cons: one more DIY project. tissue paper decorations that could be considered cheap/tacky. the pom poms might distract from the simple beauty from the church. the pom poms would be in EVERY single picture taken of the church/aisle.

Thoughts? What would you do? Discuss. Vote.

{Voting Update. 41 total votes: love them: 26, not feeling them: 12, undecided: 3}


The Future Misses said...

Honestly, I think Vintageglam99's church was incredible as well, and the pom poms just added something to go along with her theme. She added her own personal touch. I think you should definitely do it! It could be very fun for you and your BMs.

And yes, I absolutely drooled over Vintageglam's wedding!

miss bossy said...

Like you, I'm torn on this decision...

At first it's easy to think that people will expect decorations in the church, but then I think, wait a minute, there weren't pew decorations in the last few weddings I went to.

If I was forced to pick right now, I would say skip the decorations. It's one less DIY project and you don't want to take away anything from the beauty of the church - and your church is pretty stunning!

Good luck!

Linda said...

I would suggest making one and seeing how hard it is and if it looks cheap. Then decide. I think the future misses brought up a good point. They look really good in that venue. Will these enhance your venue too?
I like em. They are an easy cheap decoration. If you like them, go for it.

Cassandra said...

Our church doesn't allow for pew decorations (or really, decorations of any kind at all) so poof! Problem solved!

Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

Since the church is so gorgeous on its own, I'd skip the extra decor. Sometimes it just serves to distract instead of add.

Tara said...

i have been planning to do these for a while now but they are kind of low on my priority of DIY projects...

I think if you love the pomeanders then this is a great option. If they are made nice and full they won't look cheap- most are going to be inspecting them!

Really you can go either way. The church is stunning and will hold its own without. If you wanted something maybe even a pretty white bow of silk or satin would give a nice clean look?

Ms. Bliss said...

I agree with Linda, make a few and see what you think. If you end up not using them you could always use the few samples made for one of your friends' showers.

Kelly said...

I am torn on this decision too, so I decided to make one and see how I like it. It takes a while. I started it last night and am not even half way done yet.

I worry about it looking tacky too though. It sure didn't at vintageglam's wedding though, so why would it at ours? I think I'll probably go through with making them.

Anonymous said...

BALLS?! What are these Pom balls? More like CAKE balls....would be aaamazing.

ZenadiaDesign said...

I agree with Kelly, make one and see how you like it. Plus, you probably don't need any added stress so...if you are already feeling stressed I think I wouldn't do it. =) I also wanted to tell you how much I love the church you are getting married in! It looks so beautiful!

Jessica said...

I've been debating on these for our ceremony, but we're outside and I thought it might be a little different than flowers.

I'd either do them now and get them out of the way or wait and see if you have time to do them toward the end!